Maid Of Honor vs Matron Of Honor And Her Duties

One of the most commonly question asked is:

Is there a difference between Matron of Honor and Maid of Honor?

As most people know, Maid Of Honor is the closest bride’s friend, who stands by the bride during her most important day. Maid of Honor helps organize the bachelorette party. She is the bride’s most important emotional support. However what many people don’t know is that we use the term Maid Of Honor only in cases when this person is not married. Maids of honors are usually similar age as the bride, and in most cases, they are not married. 

Matron Of Honor, on the other hand, fulfills the same role as Maid Of Honor, but she is already married. This usually happens if the bride chooses her mother to fulfill this honorable role. Sometimes the words “Maid” or “Matron” can be skipped completely, and the term “Honor Attendant” can be used. 

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What if the Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor is divorced?

Many brides struggle with naming her Honor Attendant if it’s a woman who is divorced. Technically, in this case the term Matron Of Honor should be used, since the person is Mrs, not Ms. However, in situations like this we recommend not to follow technical rules, but rather feelings and preferences of the Honor attendant. 

Maybe she is still young, fun, her marriage lasted short while and she wants to forget about it, and she prefers the term “Maid Of Honor”. In that case, you should use “Maid Of Honor”. 

On the other hand, if she has 3 kids, bringing them to the wedding, and is accompanied with her new long-term partner, maybe she prefers the be called “Matron Of Honor”. 

Really in situations like this, there is no right or wrong answer and you should use the term that the person prefers. Once again, there is no right or wrong answer, just enjoy the wedding!

Who is a Man Of Honor and Best Woman?

The terms Man Of Honor and Best Woman are used when the bride and groom choose people of the opposite sex to be their closest supported. So if the bride chooses her Bride Of Honor/Matron Of Honor to be a man, then we call this person a Man Of Honor.

The other way around, if the groom chooses his Best Man to be actually a female person, then we call her Best Woman. 

What are Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties?

The Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor has been chosen by the bride because she is the most trusted and trustworthy person the bride knows and has. It is a great honor to be chosen one, however it also means that the Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor has multiple duties, not just standing next to the bride during the ceremony. She helps the bride with organization and coordination of everything, she is also responsible for organizing the bachelorette party. And she needs to be by the bride’s side to help her cope with the stress and excitement, and to calm her down in the time of need. 

Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties before the ceremony

Organizing Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party – both of these events need organizing and the maid of honor/matron of honor plays a big role in both. She helps the bride with the location selection, activities selection and booking hotel. She also helps collecting the monday from other bridesmaids or attendees, and helps with picking up the best present for the bride. 

Assists in Wedding Dress Shopping – for some brides, picking up the right wedding dress is the most stressful part of the wedding preparations. Some brides love it, some hate it, but all of them need help with the final decision. That is where the maid of honor/matron of honor comes into play, most commonly also with the mother of the bride (unless they are the same person). The Maid Of Honor not only helps with the final choice, but can also help booking the dress fitting days. 

Coordinates other Bridesmaids – to get some extra work off the bride’s shoulders, she can have her maid of honor/matron of honor organize the other bridesmaids. She will coordinate common outfits/dresses for the wedding and make sure that all of them know where and when to show up. She will also help get their RSVPs for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. 

Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties during the ceremony

The wedding ceremony is when the maid of honor will be the most important to the bride. And the most visible to other wedding guests as well. Until this time, only the bride and bridesmaids, and possibly the groom, knew who the maid of honor is. But now everyone will find out, because she is a big part of the ceremony as well. 

Here are some of maid of honor/matron of honor duties during the ceremony:

  • Holding the groom’s ring until brides asks for it
  • Watching bride’s train while she walks down the aisle
  • Holding the bride’s flower bouquet during the ceremony and the vows
  • Making sure bride is always comfortable and helps her calming down the stress

Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties after the ceremony and the wedding

After the ceremony and the wedding, both the bride and her maid of honor can take a breath and relax. There is not too many duties the maid of honor has after the wedding. In case the wedding is in a remote location, she usually helps organize the transportation back to hotels, especially for the bridesmaids. Just so that the bride doesn’t have to worry about that.