The Best Man Speech Outline – Template on how to write the best speech

Best man speech outline

When the groom asks you to be the best man at his wedding it is the greatest honor you can receive. It means that you and the groom have really special connection. Whether you are grooms brother or best friend, the groom decided that you will be a big part of his special day. As a best man, you can play several parts at the wedding. You may be asked to carry the wedding rings with you and have them ready for the ceremony.  It is also a tradition that the best man gives a speech at the wedding reception. Usually this speech happens when the food is served, or after everyone is done eating. This is a speech to honor the groom, the friendship you have with him, but also attention needs to be given to the bride and her family too. The speech is usually fairly formal, but not as much as the couple’s speeches. The formality also depends a lot on the families as such. There are weddings when such speech is not formal at all, and is totally acceptable. In some circles on the other hand, dirty jokes might not be taken too well. It is supposed to be short, similar to a toast.  We recommend preparing the speech in advance, and not just “swinging it” during the wedding. That way you can make a good impression on all the guests attending. Let’s check this quick template and best man speech outline.

Best Man Speech basics

Be Confident

Be Prepared

genuine best man speech outline

Be Yourself

Before you start actually writing the best man speech speech, try to think about the groom and bride as a couple. What do you know about them? How did they meet? How did you meet the bride and her family? How did your family react when they first met the bride? Answers on these questions will help you identifying stories that can be used during the speech. And what is very important, it will help you identify stories which you actually should share at all. All these little questions can make you with the best man speech outline. Think about what makes the groom and the marriage special.  Consider the personality of the groom, the times you had together. Most importantly, think about the times where you though the groom and the bride are a couple which is perfect for each other. Do they have a dog? Or play a sport together? Mention it! Think about how this marriage will make him happy. Having a good brainstorm before writing anything will help give the best speech because it will be well thought out. After you think of what you would like to discuss, have a time frame set. 

How Long Should a best man speech be?

Best man speeches are usually no longer than five minutes. But again this depends a lot on the type of wedding you are attending and what are the customs of the families attending. Usually about two to three minutes.

One-liners are acceptable part of the speech,  as long as they are relevant and respectful. Don’t be that Best Man who thinks anything is allowed and ends up offending the guests in one way or another.  This can be humorous or a sincere compliment. This also where you talk about how you know the groom and his bride. You also will thank the families, especially the bride’s parents.  Thank the guests for attending and don’t forget about the bridesmaids either. 

The main part of the speech should be aimed at the groom and the wedding couple. The best things about them and how they are a perfect couple together.  Again, keep it brief. Also, be mindful of others at the wedding by not using vulgar language and be tasteful in what you say. The point is to talk about how special the day is for the couple and to honor the groom.

The ending of the speech is always a toast. Be spirited and excited, make sure everyone can hear you properly so they can join you with their glasses.

The best man speech outline:

Each best man speech should be unique, but there are some things you don’t want to forget when writing one:

  1. Explain how do you know the groom
  2. Tell some funny story about the groom
  3. Tell the story of how you first time met the Bride and your positive impressions of her
  4. Say how the groom would never stop talking about the Bride
  5. Praise Bride’s family and welcome them to your family
  6. Explain why the groom and bride are perfect for each other
  7. Say how the bride is making your family even better than it is
  8. Make a joke about a funny thing you saw on their wedding registry

Everyone can be nervous about giving speeches, so preparation is essential.  Make sure you memorize the best man speech outline and know it by heart. That way if you forget some part, you know what was the next thing you wanted to talk about. Be sure to write your speech on note cards, or in your phone, and recite it everywhere you go.  Practice is the king, and so practicing in front of a mirror to observe your body language if a very useful activity. You should have good posture, hand out of the pockets, and a smile. Practice will also increase your self confidence. 

Remember that you are there to celebrate the most important day for the couple and to be happy about it.  Be sure to do what feels natural to you and adjust the best man speech outline accordingly. If you are more serious, then you don’t have to force humor into your speech.  Let your personality come though because it will make your speech genuine and memorable. You are part of something that is happy and so you can show it.