Wedding Registry at Target – Top 10 Reasons You Should Open Yours

Target, the most popular brick & mortar store of almost all Americans. And for many years definitely also the most popular wedding registry place as well. Target is one of the very few retailers which know how to flight Amazon and stay alive in this super-competitive times. And Target’s amazing wedding registry is one of the reasons why it is still so popular and successful. 

So why is wedding registry at Target so popular? Here are top 10 reasons

Wedding Registry At Target Benefits

1. Very Convenient Return Policy on items bought through the registry

It can always happen that item you receive from your registry is no longer needed, or maybe you receive it twice for some reason. Wedding Registry At Target offers  amazing one year return period on most new and unopened items. In order to return item, you need to use Target Registry app, and use a Make a return option so generate return code.

2. Possibility to return items directly in store

Not everyone likes to deal with shipping labels or finding carriers drop off locations. And Target is usually driving distance to the majority of US population. That’s why the possibility to actually return the unwanted item personally in a physical location is a great plus for Target wedding registry. And once there, you might use the funds from return item to shop for the replacement. Amazing experience indeed. This feature is not available on online stores like Amazon Wedding Registry or Wayfair Wedding Registry

3. 15% discount on everything left in your wedding registry + anything else

Every couple with Wedding Registry at Target will receive a 15% discount coupon on anything that is left in the registry. And on anything else as well. If you are like us and just love shopping at Target, starting the Target registry is worth it just for this coupon. As opposed to Amazon wedding registry, Target does not have any minimum spend limits to receive this coupon. So you can add just a few items to your registry and you are still going to receive the 15% discount

What we love about this feature is that you get one coupon to use online, but additional to use in the store as well. So you can actually personally check some things before buying them, in your local Target.

4. Option to add experiences to your wish list and registry

target wedding registry experiences travelling honeymoon

Target has partnered with a company called Honeyfund, which became very popular after a Shark Tank episode. The idea is very simple – fund your Honeymoon through your wedding registry. 

When you select Honeyfund option, your guests can contribute money towards you travel experiences. And once all is set and done, you can decide whether you want to receive these funds through cash (2.8% fee), or travel gift cards (no fees). Gift cards can be redeemed through multiple travel partners like Uber, Groupon, Princess Cruises and many other.

5. Target registry app

Target has done a really cool job with the registry app. It is an amazing tool to track your registry progress, which items have already been purchased and which not, and of course to add new items to the registry. In the app itself you can create checklist for items so you make sure you don’t forget anything, you can add a wishlist, and scan incoming packages.

6. Group gifting through Wedding Registry at Target

A very popular feature available also on Wayfair wedding registry and Amazon Registry. This one allows you to pick a rather expensive gift, and have multiple of your guests to pitch in towards one gift. Excellent choice if you need a new appliance like a stove or a fridge (or a 75” 4k smart TV with sound bar to host Sunday football games, but we leave that up to you).

7. Target’s own wedding registry checklist

target wedding registry checklist

You don’t know where to start and there is nobody you know that just got recently married to help you? Use the Target’s own checklist which goes through the most important and most popular items you should not miss. Target has a database from thousands of wedding registries. They know what are the most popular items, they know exactly what people are adding to their wedding registry. Use this knowledge for your own benefit.

8. Free 2-day shipping on many items

Everyone needs to follow Amazon’s lead nowadays and Target is not an exception. Amazon is really changing people’s expectations when it comes to the delivery times, and that’s why Target has also launched their own 2-day delivery service. This only applies to orders over $35, but that shouldn’t be a problem especially with orders from wedding registry.

9. Target Price match guarantee

Definitely one thing that Amazon doesn’t have and many retailers are using it for their advantage is a Price match guarantee. Amazon is well known for not haggling on the price. With Target however, you can match price if you find the same item cheaper somewhere else. However you still need to do the work of finding the cheaper option, and that definitely takes some time and dedication

10. Universal registry on Target

With so many registry options out there, it is hard to track all you ever added to all of them. Target has a neat universal registry function which allows you to add all registries to one place and track your progress towards your dream gift collection.

Getting Started with Wedding Registry on Target

To get started, head to and click on Create Registry. The first question that will pop-up is whether you have Target account already or not. If you do, sign in to your regular target account first. If not you will need to create one. 

After you are successfully logged it, the wedding registry creation form will show up. You need to answer some basic questions like:

  • Wedding date
  • How many quests you expect
  • Are you getting married in USA or having destination wedding
  • Wedding location

Don’t forget to select whether you want your wedding registry on Target to be publicly available, or private. If you don’t make the registry publicly available, your guests might have issues finding your registry in case they mis-place the provided link. 

Our final words on the wedding registry at Target

Everyone really loves Target, and we do too. And there is a good reason why Target wedding registry has been for many years the most popular out there. The flexibility of having a choice between doing everything online, and possibility to actually go to store as well is very unique and still appreciated by many people. That is where Target is the clear winner and nobody else can offer the same.

On the other hand, Target has been investing a lot of resources to compete on the online side of the business as well. 2-days free shipping matches the Amazon offering for many products, and easy and long return period even beats Amazon in some ways. Target even launched a separate wedding registry app, but that still needs some more work. 

You just can’t go wrong with Target as your Wedding Registry, especially if you live close to one of their locations.