Wayfair Wedding Registry – The Complete Review

wayfair wedding registry review

Wayfair is one of the most popular home decor and furniture stores, mainly for their excellent pricing, cheap shipping and good return policy. That’s why having a registry is a no-brainer, since these items are exactly what the newly weds are after. 

Wayfair Wedding Registry Benefits

1. The largest furniture selection

wayfair registry furniture selection 2

Wayfair is like all the furniture stores put together in one place. There are tens of thousands of items and sellers and it is by far the largest furniture selection of all the gift registries you can find. They don’t carry just the cheap stuff, neither just the expensive one. There is something for everyone, no matter what is your budget.

2. Wayfair Free Shipping on Furniture

Free Shipping is getting more and more common these days, but not always for large and bulky furniture items. That’s where Wayfair shines. They deliver for free. Everything. All Sizes. Which is unheard of in the furniture world and is something you should take advantage of. Wayfair wedding registry has the largest selection of furniture with free shipping out of all the registries out there. 

3. Free Returns

The same point as with Shipping stands for Returns as well. Is it a common benefit nowadays? YES. Is it a common benefit to return large bulky furniture items for free within 90 days? HELL NO! But it is included in your Wayfair registry benefits.

4. Dedicated registry specialist

Wayfair wedding registry is offering a real full-service when it comes to wedding registry, and that’s why they have registry specialists to help you with anything you might need. It all starts with free one on one consultation to get you started. And ongoing support while you are creating your dream registry. And this help is here not just for you, but also for anyone on your guest list.

5. 20% Completion Discount

wedding registry completion discount

We love completion discounts and so should you. The amazing thing about Wayfair wedding registry completion discount is that Wayfair items are already pretty cheap and on sale very often. And you get extra 20% off on that. Which makes some of the items in their selection very affordable and you can save hundreds of dollars furnishing and decorating your home. 

With Wayfair, you have 6 months after your wedding day to take advantage of the completion discount on your registry items, but also other items you select.

6. Wayfair Wedding Registry Checklist

Many registries offer a checklist as a helping tool. Wayfair has one as well. This time however it is not just a simple list of recommended categories, but a nicely build catalogue of items, sorted by categories. Including pricing, discounts and shipping options. Definitely one of the better checklists we have seen.

Compared to a plain Walmart wedding registry checklist for example, Wayfair wedding registry is winning by miles. And the great thing is that you can see the current prices directly in the checklist. The categories are very well thought off and browsing through the checklist is definitely inspiring.


7. Tons of inspiration for your registry

wayfair wedding registry inspiration

We really love the inspiration pages of Wayfair registry. They are split into 3 main groups:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Registry 101
  3. Real Life Registries
wayfair wedding registry inspiration 2


The Inspiration page is full of articles and content like “The Reigstry Trick You’re Overlooking” or “Create an Unforgettable Wedding Venue”. Couples can also read about celebrity weddings like Ali Fedotowky’s Bridal Shower Brunch. There is a lots of content to read and get inspiration for your dream wedding. 

Registry 101 is more focused on actual registry items and inspiration. You can find articles about the best registry items. Or articles like “What Pricey Home Gifts Are Worth It?” and “Cutlery 101”. So really helpful content specifically about registry items.

Real Life Registries – as the title says, these are actual registries from couples which used Wayfair before their weddings. Right now there are 8 registries to go through and they come from pretty diverse couples. Each of the couples also mentions their favorite gift from the registry, and also the most unexpected gift.

Here are some of the favorite gifts:

8. Beautiful registry pages full of information

What we really love about Wayfair is the effort they put into their wedding registry pages. The design is beautiful. Inspirational pictures and products everywhere. Compared to very low effort of Walmart, it is beautiful and full of information.

9. Use the Wayfair App to manage your registry

You can use the mobile app on the go, and still shop and manage your registry. Add or remove products or just browse for inspiration.

10. Most-Wanted gifts

Wayfair wedding gift registry lets you flag some of your gifts Most-Wanted. So your guests know for sure which ones to focus on and definitely purchase. Great feature if you planning on adding more gifts than you are expecting to receive.

11. Wayfair Registry Group Gifting

Similar to Amazon’s Group Gifting, Wayfair lets your guests to pitch in together to buy one expensive gift. So if you are in need of something expensive like a living room sofa set for $3,000. You can’t really expect anyone to buy it for you, unless they are super rich. 

Group Gifting allows your guests to contribute any amounts they want, like $100 or $200, and this will count towards the full cost of the item. Once enough funds are collected, the item will be flagged as funded and will be purchased for you. 

You need to enable Group Gifting in your “Manage” menu by each gift separately. 

If not enough money is collected, you don’t have to worry. All the contributions will be converted to store credit you can use on any item in the Wayfair store. You can also select to apply the balance to the gift originally selected, and pay the remaining balance yourself. 

There is also some flexibility if the contributions reach the goal. In this case, you can still cancel the purchase of the specific product and have all the funds converted to store credit. Then you can use these funds for any other items from Wayfair selection. 

How To Ope Wayfair Registry?

It is very simple. Go to https://www.wayfair.com/registry and click on Create a Registry. Enter your email address and click on Continue. After that you need to fill in some basic information about your name, your partner’s name and the date of the wedding. 

On the next page, you can select some of your hobbies. This is a very nice feature, which is unique and we haven’t seen it on other registries

If you select some hobbies, next page will be some suggestions based on what you selected. Otherwise you will be taken directly to you Registry page. Happy Shopping!