Walmart wedding registry – 4 things we love and 4 we hate

Even though Walmart is the largest supermarket chain in the USA, many people don’t take advantage of their Wedding Registry. It does not really feel like Walmart is marketing it enough. Well in case you didn’t know about it, Walmart has one, so let’s have a look at all the features of wedding registry at Walmart

walmart wedding registry homepage

Wedding Registry At Walmart Benefits

1. Large e-commerce offer

Walmart has been investing heavily into it’s ecommerce business. There are thousands of sellers selling on Walmart, and the company is also selling its own products. So if you want a one-stop shopping experience, Walmart wedding registry is definitely something to consider. You can add literally anything to your registry. Things like bed sheets or cookware are something available anywhere. But do you need car chains? What about playstation? Ladder to your house? Well go for it, you are talking about 

Wanna get even more exotic and weird? Then add bananas to your wedding registry. We are serious, you can add bananas, cucumbers or even eggs, just check the screenshot below.

Walmart wedding registry bananas


Of course we do not recommend anyone to add bananas to their wedding registry, just the idea of this being possible is pretty hilarious. But hey, if you really love bananas, go for it. We sure do!

2. Possibility to shop for registry in store

Similar to Wedding Registry At Target, Walmart allows for shopping for registry items in the actual store. You will not get the same advantage in Amazon wedding registry or any other online stores.

In Walmart, you can do 2 things in store:

walmart wedding registry instore
  1. Add items to your registry using a Walmart Mobile App – not only you can add items directly in the app, but you can actually walk around the store and scan items you see in the store using build in bar-code scanner. And then these items will be added to your registry right away. Pretty cool
  2. Your guests can shop for items in your registry in the store – this is a nice feature for people who prefer shopping in stores compared to online.

3. Next day shipping

Walmart is one of the few companies out there with the resources big enough to try to compete with Amazon. And this competition is bringing some fruit to us, customers and consumers. Thanks to the competition between these two giants, both of them are investing billions of dollars into its logistics operations and are trying to shorten the delivery time as much as possible. Who would guess 10 years ago that Walmart will have Next Day shipping? We would definitely not. But here we are, entering a new decade of 2020s, and Walmart offers Next Day Shipping in many locations across the whole USA. Take advantage of this in your wedding registry and have your items delivered in no-time.

4. Walmart Wedding Registry Checklist

Walmart wedding registry checklist

Do you need a checklist for your wedding registry shopping? Walmart offers a pretty long checklist for you to go through to make sure you did not forget anything important. The checklist is separated into multiple section, and each of the sections has a list of products you should think of. It is nice and extensive checklist, however not as good as the one on Wayfair Wedding Registry.

For example the “Cleaning & Laundry” section on the Walmart Registry Checklist includes items like:

  • Vacuums & Floor Care
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Trash & Recycling Bags
  • Air Purifiers
  • Laundry Organization
  • Irons and Ironing Boards
  • Humidifier
  • Garment Steamer

There is a similar list for all the other categories. The list of categories is as follows:

  • Cookware, Bakeware & Tools
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Dining & Entertaining
  • Bedding 
  • Bath
  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Home Decor
  • Travel
  • Outdoor Living

Definitely one of the better and more complete checklists out there. 

So those were the things we liked, however there are definitely things we do not like that much about Walmart Wedding Registry.

Things that we hate about Walmart Wedding Registry

1. No Completion discount

Completion discount is one of the main benefits of many other registries like Amazon wedding registry or Target wedding registry. Even Wayfair has completion discount. Usually it varies between 15% and 20%. It is a great way for the store to make the couple spend additional money with them right after the wedding, and a big motivator to sign up for some of the wedding registries. Well, Walmart is currently not advertising any discount like that. Nothing at all. And that is very unfortunate, since it is one of the best wedding registry benefits there could be.

2. No information about returns

Most wedding registries have extended warranty and return period for items purchased through the registry. Some of them up to 1 year return period if the item is still new and unopened. For newly married couple, this return period can be a life saver. Especially your guests buy you the same present twice. Or if you are moving and you no longer need this comfy chair anymore. Well with Walmart there is no such benefit. Since they don’t market any special warranty for wedding registry items, we must assume just a standard warranty applies which is 90 days for most products.

3. Lack of general information about registry

Sites like Macys Wedding Registry or Wayfair wedding registry have a very beautiful pages about their registries. They try to highlight the benefits and advantages of their registries. The pages are usually easy to ready, with nice pictures and designs. 

On, we find it very difficult to find detailed information about their wedding registry. There is really almost no information at all. No list of benefits, no return policy, no completion discount. It really is missing some basic information which are necessary for you to select your favorite registry. The homepage for the registry is pretty simple, with no links to any FAQs or details or benefits page. Could the reason be that there aren’t many benefits to using Walmarts registry? Who knows, maybe that’s it!

4. The inspiration pages are terrible on Walmart wedding registry 

This one is rather funny, and it will take us back to bananas. So Walmart claims that they give you access to the Top registered items in the “inspiration” menu. See the screenshot below.

Such a functionality would be great and could help you with your selection. Who wouldn’t want to know what are the most popular registry items before creating their own registry, right?

Let’s see what we get after clicking on the Top Registered Items link:

walmart wedding registry most popular items

So what do we have here? Bananas, cucumber, roma tomatoes and green bell peppers. Wow, Walmart must have the most health conscious engaged couples ever using their registry. Or maybe the link just doesn’t go to the most registered items at all? We are not 100% sure which one is right. We just secretly wish that banana is one of the most commonly wished items on Walmart wedding registry.