REI – The Perfect Wedding Registry For Outdoor Couples

If you are an adventurous outdoor couple, you live on the road, love hikes and trips, then maybe you should look into REI wedding registry and gift registry. Most couples probably don’t even think about using REI for their wedding registry. But if you already own a house, have all the house goods you need, then why not? Not everyone needs new sheets and kitchen plates. Some outdoor couples prefer a high quality tent, hiking shoes, or just REI gift card so they can buy what they need for their next adventure. 

For those not so into outdoors, REI is a very popular store with outdoor recreation equipment and goods. They also organize hiking and camping trips. REI is present in 37 states and has around 160 stores.

Advantaged of Opening REI wedding registry

1. The Largest Outdoor Products selection of all wedding registries

This by far the best benefit of the REI wedding and gift registry. REI is known to carry the largest selection of outdoor and recreational products. Not only is the selection the largest, it is also the one of the highest quality. The guys at REI offer well known outdoor brands of the highest quality. And they have products from the most common categories like hiking, but also niche products for activities like climbing, road cycling, downhill biking or kayaking. Every single outdoor category is present in their portfolio, which makes REI the top choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.

2. REI Wedding Registry 10% completion discount 

If you have items left in your registry after the wedding, REI will send you a 10% discount coupon code that you can apply to these items. 10% is slightly lower than most of the other registries. But here you must take into consideration that REI is selling very high-quality margins which you can’t find on any other registries. The 10% discount is valid up to 1 year after you receive the coupon, and can be applied also directly in the store

3. REI in-store experts

In addition to having the best product selection, REI really shines with their in-store experts. Their employees all have extensive knowledge of all their products, are full of information and will help you with selection of your wedding registry items. These are not really wedding registry gurus like we see in other stores like Macy’s, so they won’t help you select the best knife set for your kitchen. However these guys and girls are super knowledgeable in all the outdoor stuff, and will make sure you select all the necessary gear for your dream honeymoon in Galapagos or for your Inka Trail hike to Machu Picchu.  

4. In the store support for your wedding registry

Thanks to having over 160 stores, you can manage your wedding registry in-store as well. You can open your registry there, while getting some inspiration for products at the same time. But also your wedding guests and wedding friends can shop for the products in the store and the sales staff will help them to assign those properly to your registry. In addition, if your guests don’t feel comfortable shopping online, but don’t have a REI store nearby, they can shop over the phone and the trained sales associates will help them buy the best present for you. 

5. REI satisfaction guarantee even for used goods

Not many retailers have returns policy on used goods, unless of course the item you buy is broken. Well that is not true with REI. They are one of the few retailers out there, which offer 100% satisfaction guarantee also on used gear. And that applies also on gear which is bought for your wedding registry. Now to use this warranty, make sure you familiarize yourself with REIs return policies in detail. There are however few points to keep in mind:

  • This return policy is valid only for 30 days. So be careful if you are waiting with opening of all your presents only after the wedding. It might be too late to apply this return policy on used products from your REI Wedding Registry
  • You cannot return used products in the store. You must use REI Used Gear Returns Portal to return used items from your REI Wedding Registry. 
  • You are responsible for the shipping charges to return used product from REI wedding registry back to REI. This is a cost which REI will not reimburse you back, so this goes out of your own pocket. 

Even with these conditions, having the possibility to return used items and get back full price of the product is one of the top advantages of using REI wedding registry.