9 Reasons Pottery Barn Wedding Registry is Amazing

If you like up-scale furniture and high quality designs, you will probably like Pottery Barn too. This California based home furnishing store is actually owned by Williams-Sonoma. But they have their own stores and their own wedding registry. With hundreds of stores around the country, Pottery Barn is a go to place for many furniture and home goods shoppers. So what about their wedding registry?

Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Benefits

1. Create The Most Amazing Personalized Gifts and Add them to Your Registry

pottery barn wedding registry personalized gifts

The best feature of Pottery Barn Wedding Registry, and one of the best features of any of the wedding registries we have analyzed and tried. In the personalized gifts section, Pottery Barns offers hundreds of customizable products, which you can make personal with a monogram, either with a letter or a name. There are over 300 products available for customization, and all of them would be an excellent addition to your home and to your wedding registry

2. The only wedding registry focused on sustainability

We have been through countless registries and registry pages. And even though sustainability is a huge topic in the world now, we have not seen much focus on it on these registries. Pottery Barn Wedding Registry is the only one out there actively promoting sustainability. Directly on the registry home page, Pottery Barn is giving attention to their environment friendly products, made of organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards.

3. THE ONE Wedding Registry – add items from other Williams Sonoma brands

Pottery Barn wedding registry is now part of “The One” registry. That means you now only need one wedding registry to add items across all the Williams Sonoma brands:

  • Pottery Barn
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Williams Sonoma
  • West Elm

With this one registry, called THE ONE, you can add items from all 4 brands to just one registry and manage everything from there. This is an advantage only possible thanks to one brand having multiple popular stores that a lot of people use and shop at. 

If you are a fan of these brands, if you have kids, if you want to add things from several of them to your registry, then “The One” wedding registry is a very useful tool.

4. Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Experts – One-on-One advice

One of the advantages of having an actual retail store is the ability of the brand to offer you expert advice. Many retailers do that, like Macy’s, and Pottery Barn is offering this benefit too. 

On a dedicated website, you can book one-on-one appointments with Pottery Barns experts. There are several areas where PB experts can help you, and one of them is creating your perfect wedding registry. These experts have gone through hundreds of registries and so they will make sure you don’t forget any registry essentials. Other registries offer the same benefits, like Macy’s, so at the end you can try multiple advisors and decide which one you like better.

5. 10% Completion Discount

As many other wedding registries, like Amazon Wedding Registry or Wayfair Wedding Registry, Pottery Barn also offers a completion discount. Completion discount can be applied for all the items in your wedding registry which are not purchased by your guests by the time of your wedding. You have 6 months after your wedding day to redeem this discount, and choose which leftover products from your registry you want to purchase. To be honest, we are a little bit disappointed with this discount, as it is lower than most other registries. 

Right now you get a 20% completion discount at Wayfair wedding registry, Amazon wedding registry and Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding registry. You also get nice discounts at Macy’s, but they depend on the purchase item category. 

6. Get your wedding featured on Pottery Barn Instagram

If you are a social media addict or an influencer, Pottery Barn Wedding Registry has a feature just for you. If you post your wedding pictures on Instagram and tag them with @potterymarnweddings, you can get featured on their instagram page. This is a unique feature that we have not seen on any other wedding registry so far, so big thumbs up to Pottery Barn for thinking about this. In the end, it is a great marketing tool mainly for Pottery Barn, since this will mainly promote the PB brand and the PB wedding registry.

7. Pottery Barn Wedding Registry App

Pottery Barn has a specific app just for the wedding registry management. A lot of other stores just implement the wedding registry to their existing app. There is however Target Wedding Registry stand alone app as well. The Pottery Barn Wedding Registry App is available on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Among other things, these are the features you can use the app for:

  • Create new wedding registry easy and on the go
  • Keep track of what was already purchased from the registry and what is left
  • Use the phone camera in the store. You can walk around the store and take pictures of products and automatically add it to your registry. 

8. Registry Checklist

Pottery Barns offers and the One Registry offers 2 ways to browse through the checklist. One form is a printable PDF checklist, with all the essentials that you should think of when creating your wedding registry. This is a very simple checklist, and can be useful carrying around when you shop in-store. It gives a pretty complete list of items, and should be used as a rough guidance which you can adjust based on your individual needs. 

Another way to browse the checklist is on Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Checklist full page. Here it is not just about a list of items with checkboxes. You can actually go through different products, see the prices, colors and different styles. This checklist is split into 4 main categories:

  1. Set your table – for all your kitchen and dining room needs
  2. Make your bed – all you need for your bedroom
  3. Refresh your bath – bathroom recommendations for your registry
  4. Style your home – everything else from living room to outdoor furniture

Pottery Barn definitely has one of the best designed wedding registry checklists out there

9. Wedding Registry Essentials guide

In addition to the wedding registry checklist, Pottery Barn also has a separate page with a short basics to building your wedding registry. This page is a great starting point for couples who are very new to registries and wedding shopping. It gives a great overview of basic tips and tricks.

Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Summary

Pottery Barn registry is an excellent choice, especially if you are after high-quality household items like furniture, towels or bedroom stuff. It’s personalization selection is amazing. Also couples who are environment-friendly will find a separate selection of sustainable items.

We would appreciate higher than the 10% completion discount.