Best Macy’s Wedding Registry Complete Guide

Macy’s is a popular shopping destination for many women and men, so why not try out Macy’s wedding registry too? They have been improving their ecommerce presence and return policy in the last few years, and so there are definitely reasons why you should consider Macys wedding registry to be of your choice. And just the first sight at Macy’s registry pages reveal us that they are really trying hard to promote this service and that they are serious about their registry (kind of unlike Walmart)

Macy’s wedding gift registry homepage

Macy's wedding registry homepage

To prove what we just said, let’s have a look at how the homepage of Macy’s registry looks like. It is very well organized and Macy’s is doing excellent job making sure you have all the information you need about their registry, the perks, and reasons why to choose Macy.

The navigation is super clear, and each of the sections are full of information. Again, comparing to Walmart wedding registry, but even many others, Macy’s is winning in the design and information front.

The Wedding Shop At Macys

macy's wedding registry shop

The first links in the Why Macy’s section takes you to their Wedding shop. And there is a big difference between the Wedding Shop first section Macy’s wedding registry and everyone else. All other registries start with the recommendation of the same cookware set, and bedding set, etc. Macy’s front page of their wedding and registry shop is a lovely designed page which starts with the most important thing itself – your wedding. 

This is one of the best designed wedding pages we have seen out there so far. You probably won’t ask for any of these things in your wedding gift registry since these are items actually for the wedding. But it gives you more inspiration for your wedding than any of the other pages. In short – amazing and great start.

Inspiration for wedding registry gifts

Speaking of cookware sets and bedding sheets, it is natural Macy has one of such pages as well. But again, the way it is designed and executed is just amazing. In addition to having suggestions by room like Kitchen, or Bed and Bath, Macy’s took extra step and sorted recommendation by personality types as well.

At the end of the day, you might get to the same product. But it is an extra touch, which just makes you browse Macys wedding registry page over and over again. And the more you browse it, the more things you discover that you suddenly want.

Personal Wedding Stylist for free at Macy’s

macys wedding registry personal stylist

Are you not sure what to wear for your wedding? What gifts to choose? Do you not have that many people or friends to ask and you are pretty much on your own and lost? Or you just want some professional advice on looks and decor?

Macy’s offers free personal stylist appointments, which you can book ahead of starting your registry. Even ahead of starting with your wedding plans if you wish. These stylists have gone through many many weddings and brides, and can answer any of your questions. And free of charge. Amazing perk for sure.

macys wedding registry personal stylist how it works


All you need to do is make an appointment, fill a short quiz and off you go. You can work on your perfect day with a professional advice. Another perk of the stylist? You get 20% off anything you buy.

Discounts everywhere you look

When you open a Macy’s wedding registry you get automatic discount on several categories. This is not a completion discount, but actually discount to help you shop even before the wedding. Here is what’s currently avaiable:

2 x 25% Off – Fashion, Jewelry and shoes for men, owmen and kids. 

15% Off – Watches 

25% Off – Select home products

10% Off – Furniture, rugs and mattresses

15% Off – Small appliances like Kitchen Aid robots

All of these coupons are for one time use. That’s why you get two coupons for fashion, in case you need to make two separate orders. These coupons are valid only online on, but you can get in-store discounts if you reach out to your registry advisor. 

But there are more discounts than this. If you apply for the Registry Star awards, you get cashback for all qualified purchases.

You get 10% back on all eligible purchases you make between signing up and your wedding. 

And you also get 5% back on every eligible gift that your guest purchase for you from your wedding gift registry. And let me tell you, 5% back on gifts you receive can add to a significant amount of money, which is ready for you after your wedding. 

And we are still not done with discounts. All newlyweds get a 20% off promo code loaded to their account for the remaining items in the registry, so really a Macy’s Completion Discount. And extra 10% for large items like furniture, mattresses and rugs, so 30% completion discount for these items. Also this is not a one-time discount, but actually you can use this coupon over and over, for the next 6 months after the wedding. 

Other registries, like Wayfair wedding registry, also offer discounts up to 20%.

Regular wedding registry events

To help you with getting started, or if you just want to talk with people about their registry ideas, Macy’s is organizing regular wedding gift registry events in their stores. All you have to do on these events is enjoying the complimentary snacks and drinks, and enjoy the registry show. Easy right?

Free Gifts From selected brands on Macy’s wedding registry

macys wedding registry free gifts

Similar to other registries like Amazon wedding registry, you can get free products from some brands if your guests purchase gifts from these brands for you. All you need to do is meet the brand’s minimum purchase value requirement, and fill in a redemption form. The purchase requirements range from $100 to $500. And you can get free gifts from brands like Vitamix, Nespresso, Kitchen Aid, Dyson and many more. 

The Registry Book

macys wedding registry book

Macy’s has put together an amazing book full of information about wedding registry called the registry book. It has 58 pages of inspiration and information about weddings and wedding registries.

Many physical locations

Last but not least, having a lot of physical locations really helps. Whether it is to attend registry event, to schedule an appointment, or just browse a store for inspiration, Macy’s massive retail presence is the reason why it is one of the most popular retailers and definitely one of the most popular wedding registries. 

Conclusion on Macy’s wedding registry

We have a hard time finding one negative thing about Macy’s wedding registry. They are doing an excellent job marketing it, and making sure you know they are serious about the wedding industry. The pages are beautifully designed and there is inspiration everywhere you look. Add to it the registry events and appointments with stylists, and you are on the right track to your perfect wedding.