10 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas For Couples Living Together

couple living together wedding registry 2

The times are changing really fast and so are the wedding registries of couples getting married, since many of them already live together. This wasn’t always the case in the past. Wedding used to be the day when couples move in together, when they find their first house or apartment, and need to buy everything for it – furniture, plates, cups, bed, mattress, etc. But nowadays, more and more couples getting married have already been living together for many years. Either she moved to his place, or he to her place. Or they found a rental together few months/years into their relationships. But most couples getting married now have already been living together for multiple years, and so their wedding registry is going to look different than what it used to. 

Here are some amazing ideas for wedding registry for couples living together

Couples living together should upgrade their kitchen equipment using their wedding registry, their guests will be more than happy to help.

couple living together wedding registry juicer

Wedding is the time to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. And being able to create your own juices from fruit and vegetables every morning is something many of us dream of. Creating your own juice is much more healthier than buying juices from supermarkets – those are either from concentrates, or they are overprices. You can create your own juice for fraction of the price, and with any ingredients you want. It just needs little effort on your part, and that’s making sure you always have fresh veggies and fruits at home

couple living together wedding registry cast iron wok

We don’t want to recommend crockpots and instapots. All the popular wedding registry lists have those items. But we promise you, this Cast Iron Wok will change your life. It is 14″ wide and made out of 100% Cast Iron. Cast Iron is the best material for any stir fry dish, with the optimal heat distribution around the wok surface. There is no synthetic coatings or chemicals, so the cooking will always be 100% natural. And if you need, you can throw this baby into your oven as well. This piece of cookware will change your life. 

couple living together wedding registry coffee espresso 2

Too many coffee lovers depend on their work or on morning Starbucks runs to enjoy high-quality cup of coffee. Depending on Starbucks is just too expensive and you are wasting $5 a day/$25 a work week on that. Depending on your work means that you can’t enjoy good cup of coffee over the weekend.

You can change that by adding high-quality Espresso/coffee maker to your wedding registry list. For example this De’Longhi Bar Pump Espress is fairly affordable espresso machine, which makes excellent coffee. And you will pay just few cents for one, instead of $5. Add it to your Amazon Wedding registry now!

couple living together wedding registry wine cellar

You are not a real wine lover if you don’t have at least a tiny wine cooler at your home. This one holds 18 bottles of wine and keeps them at the perfect temperature for drinking all the time.  You can customize the temperature to your own tasting, especially if you have some very special bottles in your collection that you always like at certain temperature. The shelves are sturdy and slide-out style, so access to any bottle is very easy, and you don’t have to worry about breaking a bottle either. If you are living together, and both of you are wine lovers, you are going to need one of these on your wedding registry. 

Have you been living together, but always delayed turning your home to a smart home? Check these ideas for smart home for a wedding registry for couples living together

One of the most important decision you need to make early in the smart home improvement is whether you are going to be loyal to one of the giants in the market right now – Amazon Alexa or Google Home (Google Assistant). Or whether you will try to purchase all your devices compatible with both of these systems, to allow for more flexibility.

Both Amazon and Google are investing billions of dollars in the smart home and smart speakers industry. Amazon is crushing it with it’s Echo models and Amazon Alexa, and it looks like they are the leader in the smart home business right now. Google is however a great competitor with their Home line of products. We are not going to give you recommendation on which system to choose. You need to make this choice based on your own preferences. Just keep in mind, that most of Echo models are not compatible with Google Assistant, and most of Google Home models are not compatible with Alexa. There are however smart speakers compatible with both, like Sonos One for example. Those speakers can handle both, Google and Amazon smart assistants. And there is a variety of other items like bulbs or smart plugs which are compatible with both as well. 

couple living together wedding registry philips hue

The easiest thing to implement in your first smart home is definitely the lighting. No extensive research is needed. All you really need are plugs which are enabled for smart control, and Philips is the leader in this space with their HUE line. This set comes with 3 bulbs and a hub. It is compatible with your Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well. Thanks to this compatibility, the lights are enabled for voice control as well. The are really no limits on what you can do with these lights. You can program them to turn on at certain schedules, control their intensity, color or control them with your phone. These bulbs have 16 million colors to choose from, so there is really no color missing. Excellent add to wedding registry for couples living together. 

couple living together wedding registry smart plugs

Smart plugs are another easy addition to turn your home into smart home, and they are very easy to install and set up. Finally, after all these years living together, you will be able to program your Christmas tree to light up automatically when you get home from work. Or you can light it up by simple “Alexa, play despacito and turn on my Christmas tree lights”. Compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Assistant and even Microsoft Cortana, these plugs can do it all. 

couple living together wedding registry smart lock

Smart locks can make your life much much easier. Imaging walking to your home with hands full with shopping bags full of groceries. And now imagine that you don’t have to try to look for your house key, you just approach your home and the lock unlocks itself. There is no way to lock your self out of your home, you will never forget your keys. Smart locks are one of the things which we love the most, because of how much it can improve your life.

Use your wedding registry to fancy-up your appliances to make your life together easier, cleaner and healthier

couple living together wedding registry air purified honeywell HPA300

With the recent Coronavirus events happening and thousands of people around the world dying, air quality has never been a more important issue. Many people live in dusty homes without good air quality. That can happen due to proximity of busy road or freeway, or by having a pet that sheds a lot, or many other reasons. 

This Honeywell HPA300 Air purifier has a true HEPA filters, that captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles. It has 3 levels of setting for different speeds and can clean all the air in your room 5 times per hour.


Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about air purifiers out there. And often the most popular and best sellers out there are performing very poorly – it is just a great marketing and cheap price. That is why we recommend following trustworthy reviews like Consumer Reports. And for that reason we recommend Honeywell HPA300 air purifier, which always got excellent professional reviews, and you can rely on having clean air in your home. 

couple living together wedding registry dyson vacuum

Cordless Vacuums are going to turn your cleaning into high-tech experience. The Dyson Cyclon V10 has more power than your standard vacuum, and can last up to 40 minutes of cord-free use. If you are lazy to clean your pets fur because getting your vacuum out of closet and finding the nearest plug is just too much hassle, we promise you that this cordless vacuum will make you want to clean any piece of dirt right away. 

You can hang it in the closet, kitchen, garage, or anywhere close to a electric outlet, and your Dyson will be there always ready for you charged.