11 Creative Etsy wedding registry ideas

Etsy has its own wedding registry pages and you can create your own Etsy wedding registry on the registration page. 

Etsy is probably the most creative store out there. The sellers on Etsy have products no other store has, that’s why opening wedding registry there is a great idea. Registration is very simple and takes just few seconds, and of course it is completely free to open Etsy wedding registry.

And even-though the registry doesn’t have advanced and fancy features like Macy’s or Amazon wedding registries, the variety of products on Etsy is worth opening one. 

Etsy Wedding Registry Ideas list

As in all our ideas lists, like World Market registry ideas and Lowe’s wedding registry ideas, we are going to focus our suggestion list on unique items. We will skip standard sets of bowls, bedding sheets or crock-pots and pans. Let’s have a look and the most creative wedding registry items on Etsy. 

etsy wedding registry ideas wine rack

This amazing rustic wine rack is a great addition to any room and to any Etsy wedding registry. It is a wine rack and a piece of art in one, and it will definitely be a conversation starter with all your guests. 

Rack is made out of dark English Chestnut wood. The wine holders are from handcrafted steel. Must have if you are a wine lover or wine collector, and want to have a bottle of one handy at all times.

The rack is approximately 36″ high x 8″ wide and 7″ deep, and has over 700 5 stars reviews. Really everyone who bought this on Etsy loves the rack. 100% money back guarantee seals the deal. 

etsy wedding registry ideas mail box

If your wedding means also moving to a new home, this unique mailbox is a great welcoming gift. It comes personalized with your street number, and you can also pick the color of the numbers and the actual mail-box. 

The package includes cedar base wood unit, leveling template, steel mounting posts, 4 numbers and a metal box. Some options are for additional price, that’s why the $285+ tag.

Great addition to your Etsy wedding registry.

etsy wedding registry ideas table lamp

This piece of steampunk lighting will decorate any room it is placed in and gain a lot of attention from all your guests. Inspired by old farmhouse oil-lamps, this modernized lamp will always set the right mood.

It might look old-fashioned, but has some modern features, since it has a full range of dimming options. 

You can pick 5 different colors of the dimmer sockets, and 3 colors of wood base finish, to make sure it matches the rest of your furniture. 


High quality large cutting board is the base of good kitchen experience. So why not to add to your Etsy wedding registry one with your names and wedding date on it?

This cutting board is highly customizable. 

Comes in 3 different colors:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
And also 3 different sizes:
  • 12″ x 9″
  • 16″ x 10″
  • 18″ x 12″
You can also add different add-ons, like Cutting board stand, cutting board oil and gift box. So really high number of variations and customization, as we are used from Etsy already. 
The writing on the board will be you and your SOs names, your new last name, and the date of your wedding. 6000 positive reviews on Etsy and counting, you can’t miss this one!
etsy wedding registry ideas crawfish table top

Have you always dreamt about preparing delicous crawsfish right in your backyard? This crawfish table top can make this dream come true. All you need to do is add it to your Etsy wedding registry. 

This table is a perfect tool for cooking any crab, lobster, clams but even regular BBQ. It sits four people and has several cool features like drinks holders, condiment holders and paper towel holder. It even has bungee ropes so you can attach trash bags right to the table, to keep your dining experience clean

etsy wedding registry ideas rustic candle holders

These adorable candle holders will turn your living room into the coziest place on Earth. The candles inside are battery operated. 100% handmade in USA, and so none of these will be identical, they will always have slight uniqueness to them.

The rustic candle holders some in the set of 2. Approximate height is 14.5 ” and width is 7.5″. The jars are included in the set, so no need to buy those separately. 

Over 1800 reviews on Etsy, with 5 star average rating. 


If you are getting married, chances are you are expecting a baby as well, or you just had one. If that is the case, it would be smart to add some baby items to your Etsy wedding registry. 

And since we are talking Etsy, we are talking about the most creative items out there of course. Liek this personalized baby blanket with knotted hat. 

You can choose from 3 different materials: Fleece, Minky Style or Plush. And also 2 different sizes: Small ( 30″ x 40″) or Large (50″ x 60″).

Another super creative idea from Etsy sellers.

If you wedding means that you are also moving together, then you should get something to remember that this was your first home. 

There is no better way to do it than with this home made customized “Our First Home” sign. 


It will not only show your address, but also the exact coordinates of your home. Sign is approximately 24″ x 7″ and will feel the best above your fireplace. It is made of Dark Walnut. With over 1700 reviews averaging 5 stars on Etsy, you can’t go wrong with this sign. 

etsy wedding registry ideas decanter set

For all the whisky and other liquor lovers, Etsy has this amazingly looking decanter set just waiting to be added to your wedding gift registry. 

The main item is beautiful globe shaped decanter with a glass ship inside of it. This decanter will be center of attention of any party for sure. And it will make your whisky taste better thanks to the oxidation of your liquor. 

In addition to the decanter, you get 2 whisky glasses. The glasses can be personalized with the initials of your names. Fantastic gift. 


etsy wedding registry ideas floor lamp 2

If you are like us at TheWeddingPost.net, you are having a hard time picking up a unique good looking modern lamp from store like Ikea or Home Depot. And that is why we just love Etsy. The selection of good looking creative lamps on Etsy is just amazing. 

One of the most beautiful lamps that we have ever seen is this tube shaped lamp from plywood. 

Lamp comes in 6 different colors, and starts at around $170. It is 47″ tall and the diameter is 7″. 

The plywood is already colored with wood stain and also oiled, so you can expect long life with this beautiful piece of furniture. 

etsy wedding registry ideas moroccan rug

This magic carpet is actually really hand made in Morocco and will be shipped to you all the way to USA, or anywhere else you want to. 

It is made by Azilal tribe, which is a tribe living in Atlas Mountains. Shoppers love rugs from this Etsy seller. The average rating is 5 starts.

This specific rug is 10.1 ft long and 3.11 ft wide. The seller has many more rugs for sale on Etsy, check them out here: Rugs Of Marrakech