10 Fantastic Benefits of Bloomingdale’s wedding registry

Bloomingdale’s wedding registry is your ticket to a luxurious home and life after the wedding. Most people don’t know that Bloomingdale’s is one of the oldest department stores in the country – founded in 1861. It joined with Macy’s in 1994. There are 38 stores with Bloomingdale’s logo on the front. And as the other stores, Bloomingdale’s relies also on its online store, where you can create your ultimate weddnig registry. 

Wedding Registry At Bloomingdale’s Benefits

1. Bloomingdale’s is the most luxurious and exclusive wedding registry out there

bloomingdale's wedding registry 2

This is what Bloomingdale’s is well known for, and it has to be on top of the list of its wedding registry benefits. Nowhere else you will find such a wide collection of high-end items like furniture, silverware, home decor and accessories. 

You can be sure that there will be no 3rd party seller trying to sell you overpriced cheap items from China. You don’t have to read through hundreds of reviews before making sure it is safe to add some specific item to your registry. 

2. Free wedding registry gift just by adding items to your registry

This might be a time limited offer, so we do not guarantee it is going to work at the time of your registration. However right now you can get a free $80 gift, Le Creuset salt & pepper mill set, just by adding $500 worth of Le Creuset items to your registry. There is no other condition. Your wedding guests and friends don’t have to purchase these items from your Bloomingdale’s wedding registry, you only need to add it there. After you add it there, you need to fill in a redemption form, send it, and your free gift will be send to you. A very nice welcome present from Le Creuset and Bloomingdale’s for your wedding day. 

3. 20% discount on dresses, suiting and more even before your wedding

wedding registry completion discount

Most registries give you only completion discount for items that are left in your registry after the wedding. The one exception is Macy’s wedding registry, which is offering also discounts before the wedding. Since Bloomingdale’s is part of the Macy’s family, it looks like this strategy is working for them well.

It is definitely a great way for the store to get your business even your wedding day, and you can get high quality suits and wedding dresses for significant discount. This discount would be also a great way to save on bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits

4.Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 20% completion discount 

Everyone loves completion discounts and they are an important part of the wedding registry business. With Bloomingdale’s wedding registry, you get 20% off everything left in your registry. You have up to 6 months to redeem this discount and purchased leftover items. Great way to save some extra $$$. 

5. Many bonus gift options

bloomingdales wedding registry free gifts 2

In addition to completely free gift already mentioned above, Bloomingdale’s gives you the opportunity to earn free gift if your wedding registry purchases reach a certain value for a specific brand. 

For example, if your guests and friends make $329.99 or more purchases of Kitchen Aid products, you will receive a citrus juicer attachment for free.

If you are after more luxurious kitchen goods, completing $1200 in purchases of Juliska brand will get you a free Ceramic Serving bowl.

There is currently 25 offers like this, so think hard what products to add to your registry so you can receive some of these free Bloomingdale’s gifts. 

6. In-store wedding and beauty focused event 

Where Bloomingdale’s really shines is the variety of in-store events which will help you get in the wedding mood. Most stores which have these kind of event limit them to just wedding registry overview events, or wedding planning events. Bloomingdale’s however has all variety of event, which are focused on general beauty and grooming as well. Here is a short summary of what in-store events at Bloomingdale’s can help you get into your wedding mood:

  • One-on-one meeting with stylists: The meeting with your own personal stylist is free of charge, and you will get amazing advice on perfect look for any important event. Whether you need help with your wedding dress, or wedding reception dress, bridesmaids outfit, or engagement party outfit. Bloomingdale’s stylists can do it all. The stylists will help you also with shoe selection and if needed even jewelry and accessories selection to match the rest of the outfit. 
  • Beauty services: Get free and paid beauty services through appointment booking. The Bloomingdale’s team of professional will give you free makeup application for your special event. You can also learn the most recent beauty trends and learn how to apply makeup properly from the real professionals. Other beauty benefits include skincare consultations, or you can pick from a list of restorative mini-facial treatments or recharging spa treatments. 
  • Bra fittings: Many people don’t realize how hard it is to get the right comfortable bra for your wedding. Enjoy a 15 minutes complimentary bra fitting session where Bloomingdale’s will help you properly measure and determine the perfect bra size for you. 
  • Alteration and tailoring: Whether for the bride, the groom, or the whole wedding party. Many Bloomingdale’s locations offer alteration and tailoring services to your dresses and suits. Perfect to use it before your wedding or other occasion
  • Made to measure: As one of the few stores in our wedding registry reviews, Bloomingdale’s actually offers made to measure suits. They will create the perfect wedding suit for the groom. You are getting married only once in your life, so why not have the perfect suit for the occasion?
  • Other store specific events: In addition to these standard services and events, some stores organize specific events. To get the list of wedding events for your store, find your local Bloomingdale’s on the store locator page.


7. Amazing Registry 101 guide

A lot of registries have their own guides, but nothing comes even close to the Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 101 guide. The beauty of this guide is that it explains exactly what you need for a complete dining set in a nice infographic, separated into different sections. And right below each infographics, you have a BROWSE NOW button which will take you to the product selection. 

For example this is their guide to place settings:

bloomingdale's wedding registry place settingss

Really a great way to explain all you need if you want to host a formal dinner at your house. And you can make sure that you will add all the missing items to your wedding registry afterwards. 

Another one is for Cutlery:

bloomingdale's wedding registry cutlery

If you ever worry that you don’t have all the knives you need in your kitchen, thanks to Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 101 you will get all the information you need and you can add all the missing pieces to your registry. 

For fancy drink lovers, bartender, mixologists and cocktail masters, Bloomingdale’s put together a barware 101 infographics too:

bloomingdales wedding registry barware

We are not even sure Barware is a word. But we definitely know a lot of people who would love to see all the different kinds of glasses and tools. 

And lastly, there is something also for the wine lovers in the Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 101. Continuing the tradition of well-thought names, here is the stemware collection:

Bloomingdale's wedding registry stemware

This is for the real wine lovers, who know the difference between good and bad wines. If you wish to drink your wine always from the perfectly shaped glass, follow this Stemware 101 guide and make sure you add all the missing pieces into your wedding registry. 

8. Dedicated Registry Consultants

If you need a help from professional, Bloomingdale’s will assign you a dedicated Registry Consultant. The consultant will guide you through each step of the wedding registry creation process, and will help you select the most appropriate items for you as a couple. Get ready for some personalized support. 

9. & 10. Bloomingdale’s Thank You Card manager and printable checklist

bloomingdale's wedding registry thank you card manager

The last 2 items on our list are helpful organizational tools that you can use with Bloomingdale’s. Easy to use Thank You Card manager will make sure that you will thank all the guests that bought you a present appropriately. It very straightforward to use it, just pick up a design, write a Thank You Note, and send. 


Printable checklist is a very simple but nice edition. It is not the best checklist we have seen out there, but helpful if you want to make sure you don’t forget about anything at all. It is nice that it’s formatted to be easily printable, so you can have it on hand in store.