Pros and Cons of Belk Wedding Registry

Belk was founded in 1888 and it is one of the oldest department stores in the USA. Popular for its household items selection, the Belk Wedding Registry is a popular choice of many newlyweds. Let’s have a look at all the advantages it offers.

Many Local Perks of Belk Wedding registry

One of the top advantages of Belk Wedding Registry is the long list of local perks that come with it. This is great if you have a Belk store in your area. However, Belk is a fairly local store, present in only 16 states in the USA and 300 locations. So if you have Belk in one of those 16 states, you preferably close to your home, you can enjoy any of these amazing Belk wedding registry perks.

1. Belk Engagement party

This event happens in Belk stores twice a year. It is a great opportunity to start your engagement the right way. Unfortunately, Belk doesn’t keep a list of all the engagement parties in all the stores. The best way to find out the when and where is one happening is to reach out directly to your local Belk store. Most of the will post events for these belk engagement parties on their facebook pages. Things to look for in Belk Engagement party:

  • Free refreshments 
  • Belk wedding registry experts
  • Music
  • Local Vendors
  • Prizes for attendees, mostly Belk Gift cards in $100 or $250 nominations
  • Live Demos of many household products
  • Bridal Fashion Show from local boutique
  • Discounts on some of the most popular registry items
  • Credit towards your first Belk Wedding Registry purchase

All these perks are at the discretion of the local Belk store. 

There are 3 ways you can find out whether your local Belk store is hosting engagement party:

  • Call your local store and inquire about Belk Wedding Registry engagement party
  • Check the Facebook page of your store and the future events on this page
  • Google “City” + “Belk Engagement Party” + “Year”. It is important to add the year to your google search, or you will end up getting results for old events.

2. Belk Wedding Registry Expert Advisor

Another of the local Belk perks is getting expert wedding registry advice in store from Belk’s Expert. This is similar to wedding registry at Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry. Both of them offer on premise advisors, who have experience thanks to going through the creation of hundreds of wedding registries for couples with all kinds of different tastes. 

 The onsite personal advisor is definitely one of the advantages of having your wedding registry at a store which has brick and mortar locations, where you can actually go in and look around. You will never get this kind of personal advice if you use an online-only wedding registry like Amazon. Unfortunately as mentioned above, Belk doesn’t have a coverage large enough to cover the whole country. But if you have one around, you might find this advantage helpful.

3. Register items for your wedding registry directly in Belks store

Thanks to being a brick-and-mortar store, Belk can offer another advantage to your wedding registry. Wil Belk app on your smartphone, you can browse the Belk store and scan items you like. These will be added to your registry automatically after you confirm it. This is a great benefit, since you can walk around the store, touch things, see their real color and decide based on the actual perceived quality. You don’t have to rely only on online reviews and hope that the thing you added to your registry is going to look the way you want it to. You can be sure the item from your registry is the same one you saw and touched directly at the store

Online and other Belk Wedding registry benefits

So after we covered all the offline and in-store benefits of Belk wedding registry, let’s have a look at the once which you can get even in the online world. Belk is a known department store in some regions. But to increase their revenue potential and reach, Belk has a well designed online store, with option to open the wedding registry there without the need of having to go to the actual store. Let’s have a look at these perks.

5. Belk Registry Rebates – Bonus Free gifts

This benefit is called bonus free gifts on Amazon Wedding Registry or Macy’s wedding registry. Belk calls this Registry Rebates, but at the end it is the same thing. With the registry rebates, you can get a free gift from top brands if your guests purchase products in some value from these brands. 

For example you can get a free set of 3 bowls from cuisinart, if you complete $400 purchase of cuisinart products. There are also free gifts from KitchenAid, Mikasa, Lenox and other brands. You can check the complete list of Belk Wedding Registry rebates here.

6. Belk Wedding Registry Checklist

Like many other wedding registries, the Belk one also has a checklist. And even-though it is a pretty complete checklist, it is really just a simple list of items with checkboxes. There is no interactivity. There are no product suggestions. And even the checklist itself, it is not clear whether my selection is saved in your account – since you can access nad check the boxes even without logging in.

belk wedding registry checklist

7. To Do & Don’t Tips and Advice by Belk

Belk has prepared a nice little page with wedding registry tips, where they describe all the things you should or shouldn’t do when setting up your registry. This is a great addition to the wedding registry knowledge base. 

Here are some of the DOs mentioned:

  • Start Early
  • Register Together
  • Research the store’s return policy
  • Think about gift cards

And also some DON’Ts:

  • Don’t forget to update your registry often
  • Don’t register at every store available
  • Don’t let the stress get the best of you

All of these are really on point and they are explained more in detail on Belk’s website.

8. Downloadable printable enclosure cards for your invitations

This feature is an excellent marketing idea by Belk. You can download pre-designed insert cards right from Belk’s website and send these with your wedding invitations. It is an easy way to inform your guests that you host your wedding registry are

Belk Wedding Registry Summary

Where Belk really shines are the local benefits of having the wedding registry with them. As a brick and mortar store with physical locations, they have more tools to get you in the store than an online marketplace like Amazon has. If you have Belk in your area, then visiting the Belk engagement party is a great way to get into your wedding mood and start focusing on creating the perfect registry. The same goes for the personal registry advisor which can always guide you through the process.

On the other hand, there are features which Belk is missing. Many wedding registries offer completion discounts on everything that stays in your registry unpurchased. Usually it is in the 15%-20% range. Belk does not offer any completion discount on the leftover items, and that is a shame. It is hard to get the attention of newlyweds without monetary deal like that. 

Another thing missing is more information about return policy for items purchased through the registry. The big players in the industry offer longer return periods for these products, sometimes up to 1 year if the product is unopened and in new condition. Belk’s standard return policy is 180 days, which is very generous. However this information is not promoted anywhere on the registry pages and one has to search for it in the FAQ section of their general website. It would be nice to have this information available right next to other belk wedding registry benefits. 

To sum it up, Belk is a great choice if you have one in your area and you want to touch and see the products you are adding to your registry. It has a great selection of household items for all your rooms that you can choose from. But because of the lack of completion discount, we would not recommend for Belk to be your main registry site. Only use it for essentials, like blankets, decorations, lamps. Things where you care how they look, what exactly is their color, etc…Avoid using Belk for items that are the same on every other store, like Instapots.