Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry Guide – The secret to all benefits

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In the not so recent past, wedding registries were mainly about the couples moving in together, and buying the first common furniture, dishes and appliances. In those times Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry was the second most popular, right after wedding registry at Target. However, Amazon’s surge and their wedding registry has overtaken Bed Bath and Beyond in recent years. That’s why Bed Bath and Beyond had to start innovating and now has some very unique features which are making it still one of the best out there.

Bed Bath And Beyond Wedding Registry Benefits

1. Registry experts in the store

bed bath and beyond wedding registry experts instore

This is as personal as it gets. Bed Bath and Beyond is very proud of their store staff, and that’s why they have registry experts on the spot. You will get a scanner and you can walk around the store, scan any item for price and just get some inspiration. You can also start your registry directly in the store, or in the app while you are in the store, and then continue shopping online once you get home.

Here is where you book a Beth Bath and Beyond wedding registry expert appointment, and they will guide you from there.

2. Add Experiences or cash to your Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry

bed bath and beyond wedding registry experiences

Since couples are getting more adventurous and often would rather get money than set of silverware, Bed Bath and Beyond is offering something they call “All In One Registry”. This means you can add not only products to your registry, but also experiences and cash funds.  This is similar to Target Wedding Registry, which also added experiences option for all the newlyweds. 

Experiences, as the name suggests, are activities that couples want to do after the wedding. It is a great place to get inspiration for your honeymoon, and even to have your guests pitch in for your dream trip. There are experiences for many different occasions – travellers, thrill seekers, wellness and outdoor. Those are the main categories Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry is listing and offering. These experiences are then purchased through company called VEBO. You should though make a research before adding Vebo experiences to your registry. Maybe it is better to just ask for cash and book your travel on your own, if that’s what you like to do. 

The last option is online cash funds. If you are need of extra cash rather than more stuff in your house, choose this option and get some cash funds from your guests. Maybe to pay for honeymoon, or for the expensive wedding you are hosting for all of them. The cash is transfered to you after all is done through WePay, and payment processor used by many wedding registry companies. 

3. 20% Off Completion Discount

wedding registry completion discount

Do you have items left in your registry after wedding that nobody purchased. Well you can get them for 20% after your wedding day. That is a nice discount and comparable with other wedding registries as well

4. First anniversary coupon

This one is a little tricky. The reason is, that Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry is mentioning on their perks page that you get an anniversary coupon. But it doesn’t really say what it is for. Another discount? Maybe 20%? That is definitely our best guess – this coupon is most probably a 20% discount for anything on Bed Bath and Beyond on your first year anniversary.

5. Price matching

Similar to Target’s wedding registry, Bed Bath and Beyond gives a promise of price matching if you find the same item cheaper somewhere else. This is a good benefit if you want to go through checking the prices of all the items you receive, or at least the most expensive ones.

6. Bed Bath and Beyond 1 year returns on registry purchases

This is where standard retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond are still winning over e-commerce giants like Amazon – returns. Having a full 365 days period return policy window is a spectacular benefit. What if you are moving into a new house after the wedding and the lamp you receive does not fit into your living room anymore? No problem, as long as you have a gift registry receipt. 

Be aware that the 365 days return policy applies only on new and unopened items. Not used items will be accepted. And the refund is in the form of a merchandise credit for the amount paid, so you will need to spend the money in BBB after you return the gift.

7. Free Shipping on items over $39

There is no success in e-commerce nowadays without free-shipping. Bed Bath Beyond offers free shipping for all orders over $39, which is a reasonable limit of wedding registry orders.

8. Free gifts from selected brands

Several brands are running free gifts promotion on the Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry. To be eligible for a free gift, you need to add several items from these brands to you registry. Your guests need to purchase these items for you and then you will qualify to get a free gift. After you are qualified, you need to fill out a form to redeem this gift and then it will be shipped to you at no costs at all! 

We love the free gifts promotion on wedding registries. It is a win-win for everyone involved. The brand gets exposure and some revenues, and you get a free gift on top of the already purchased items. 

As an example, NESPRESSO is running a free gift promotion. You will get $50 in Nespresso credit for coffee and accessories if your guests purchase at least $199 of Nespresso products from your registry. That is a nice reward which can fund your coffee supply for several weeks or months, depending on how heavy of a coffee drinker you are.

bed bath and beyond wedding registry NESPRESSO bonus free gifts

ther brands running these promotions are Kate Spade, Zilling, DeLonghi, KitchenAid and many others. You can find the most current list of Bed Bath and Beyond Free Registry gift here. 

There are other wedding registries with free gift option, Amazon Wedding Registry is one of them. 

Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry inspiration

If you don’t know what to add to your wedding registry, Bed Bath And Beyond registry checklist is a great place to start your brainstorming. The checklist is split into different sections and lists few recommended items from each of these sections. This is really just a very basic checklist to help you get started. Some of the sections and products include:

Fine Dining – for nice dinner parties with family and friends

Casual Dining –  usually sets for 2 people for every day use

Kitchen – different cookwear, pots and pans and knives

Bedding – everything you might need for you bedroom or guest room beds

Bath – Sheets, towels, rugs, cloths, mats, and so on, and so on…

Home and Travel – products for your home like vaccums or candels, or travel luggage

Need more insipration than that?



bed bath and beyond wedding registry inspiration

Bed Bath and Beyond put together a great collection from multiple departments for all your rooms and needs. This preselected collections are great start to your wedding registry and focus on areas like Home Spa or Sleeping in Luxury. 

Do you want to host a wine night once in a while? BBB has you covered with its selection of wine glasses, cheese board, openers and anything else you might need for such a night. We highly recommend going through these pre-selected collections, you might discover a lot of things you never knew you needed.

How to get started?

If you decided to use BBB as your wedding registry tool, just head to the Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry page and click on “Start Your Registry”.