8 Things We Love About Amazon Wedding Registry – The Complete Review

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love amazon! 2 day free Prime shipping, and recently 1 day for many items. Prime Video included in the subscription. And super easy returns like never seen before. Amazon is the largest e-commerce store, and so there is no surprise that their Wedding Registry is on of the most popular ones out there. With the greatest product selection, super-fast shipping and amazing return policy, the wedding registry is getting more and more popular and overtaking registry giants like Target. Let’s have a look at all you need to know before starting your Wedding Registry on Amazon .

1. Completion Discount

If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you get a one-time 20% discount on future Amazon Prime purchases. This discount can be applied to one Amazon Order of up to $1,500, which means the maximum discount received is $300. That is a really nice bonus just for using Amazon Registry. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t shop on Amazon. 

How to Qualify for this discount: To qualify for this discount, your friends and family needs to order at least $500 worth of products form your Wedding Registry on Amazon

Disadvantages of the Completion Discount: The biggest disadvantage we see is that this 20% completion discount can be applied only to 1 single order. So you have to make one order worth $1500 to maximize the benefit. You can have multiple products in that order, but it needs to be just one order. 

Other info: 

  • Amazon will email the completion discount to the primary registrant’s email one week after your wedding date. Which is great because by that time you will already know what items you are missing either from the Amazon Registry, or any other registries like Target Wedding Registry. 
  • You have 90 days after the wedding date to use the discount, which gives you all 3 months to use it. 
  • The discount is valid only on items sold by Amazon.com. Be careful about this limitation, a lot of Amazon items are not sold directly by Amazon.com but by other sellers. The discount will not be applicable to these other sellers. 
  • If you are not a Prime member, the discount is only 10% and maximum $100. Honestly, if this is the case, you are better of just signing up for Amazon Prime membership just for this purpose, because it will still pay off. 
Wayfair Wedding Registry also offers 20% completion discount, and Macy’s wedding registry has several discounts as well. 

Several brands recognize the potential of Amazon Wedding Registry and that is why they are offering free gifts for couples if their guest make purchases from these brands.

How it works: 

  • Visit Amazon Registry Bonus Gift page for the current offers. You will see the list of brands currently offering free gifts for newlyweds. 
  • Most of the time, the brands will require your guests to purchase $250-$800 worth of their product. If completed, the company will send you a free gift worth hundreds of dollars. 
  • These offers are usually household items for kitchen or bathroom. For example champagne glasses, griddle, frying pan or baking equipment.

3. Group Gifting

Group gifting on Amazon Registry allows guests to contribute any voluntary amount towards items in the registry. Imagine one of the items in your wedding registry is really expensive, for example kitchen stove for $2,000. Unless all your friends are millionaires, you can’t really expect anyone to buy you a $2,000 wedding gift. 

However, if you select this stove for Group Gifting, your family and friends can pitch in any amount they wish towards this item, until fully funded.

Parents can do $200, one friend $100, another $50, and so on. These amounts will be eventually received as an Amazon Gift Card. And the item needs to be purchased by the registry owner after they collect enough funds using these group donations. 

These gift cards are not returnable or refundable, and can’t be transferred to another account. But the good thing is that the couple doesn’t have to spend it on that one item which they added to Group Gifting, but they can be used for any Amazon Purchases. 

4. Free Shipping

As for regular orders, Amazon offers free shipping for Prime members, or for orders over $25. And a lot of times the shipping is 1 or 2 days only, which is industry leading and the fastest way to get the presents to your door.

5. 180-Days returns for Amazon Wedding Registry orders

Another field where Amazon is leading the industry for Wedding Registry are the returns. You have full 6 months to return the product to Amazon if you are not happy with it. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon, and not to stress about whether the gifts you received are something you still want. 

You can relax, and start unpacking all the registry gifts after everything is settled.

6. Universal Wedding Registry

Often times it happens that couples use more than 1 wedding registry. Even Though Amazon has an amazing collection of goods, there are still items in Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or Walmart which are not easy to get on Amazon.com. That is why Amazon introduced Amazon Assistant. Amazon Assistant is a button you can add to your favorite browser, like Google Chrome. And using this button you are able to save products from all other stores and registries on one place, in one universal list. This is used to make sure that you don’t add the same item in two different registries, and that you have a full and complete overview of all items you added to any of your wedding or baby registries.

7. Surprise spoiler settings

amazon surprise spoiler

If you are one of those couples who love adventure and surprises, you can turn on something Amazon calls “Surprise Spoiler Settings”. If you keep this setting on, the items in your list will show as “Unpurchased” when you check the status for several weeks. This is a nice way of actually being surprised which of your selected gifts was purchased and which not at the last minute. If you however try to buy one of the times which was already purchased, Amazon will notify you about this and protect against duplicates. 

8. See what’s inside with Package X-ray

Amazon Package X-RAy

So the wedding is over, and now you are home with a pile of packages in your garage waiting for you to be opened and organized. But if you are an organized household, you might not want to start opening boxes randomly. Y

You might even want to move boxes to their respective rooms in the house while they are still closed and easy to carry. Only if the boxes has signs on them like “This goes to Kitchen” or “This goes to Bathroom”. Well Amazon claims to have a solution for this problem as well – Package X-Ray.

You see, each package that Amazon ships has shipping label. And if you have Amazon App installed on your smartphone, this app has Package X-Ray function available in the menu. So just open your app, select Pacakage X-Ray and scan the barcode on the box. Tadaaaa! Now you can see in your app what is in each of the packages that arrived without even opening them. And once you scan the package, you can also directly go to the return section (in case you already have the items in the box, or just don’t want them anymore), or the registry’s thank you page to thank the people who purchased this gift for you. Very easy, very smart, very useful!

So how to get started with Amazon Wedding Registry?

Getting started is really simple. Go to https://www.amazon.com/wedding/ and click on Create Your Registry. First half of the form is very straightforward and simple. You need to fill in mainly your contact information

Now in the second part, be careful. Make sure you fill in the date, city and state of your wedding as precise as possible. This information then can be used by your guests to search for your wedding registry, in case they misplace your customized link that you provide them. 

Here you can also select whether you want to enable Group gifting which we talked about before, and for how expensive products you want to enable that. Very flexible option and we just love it. 

You can also fill in additional info about your wedding like “How many guests will attend?”, and how do you want to share your registry. For sharing the registry, there are 3 main options available:

  • Anyone can see the registry and your names will be publicly available
  • Only people with a special link will be able to access your Amazon Wedding Registry, and your names will be visible on your registry
  • Only you, the registry owner, can see the registry

We always recommend going for the first option, to make sure people can find your registry in case they misplace the link to access it. 

And that’s it. After this step, you can start adding products to your Wedding registry on Amazon. 

Need an inspiration for your registry?

If you are not sure what to include in your wedding registry on Amazon, there are some celebrity recommendations ready for you. 

Jennifer Lawrence and her wedding registry guide

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress known from the Hunger Games movies. She got married on October 19th, 2019 and with that she selected a collection of her own essential wedding registry picks which she recommends to any couple. 

Her registry recommendations are grouped into several sections so let’s take a look at them.

Hosting & Happy hours:

Collection for couples who love to host at their own home. Whether it is a birthday celebration or just a sunday mimosas, this selection will help you host the best event. Part of this group are items like Martini glasses, Fondue Set, Cheese Slicer or a Wine Carafe. 


Due to travelling for work a lot, Jennifer added several travel items to the collection which will help you arrive to your destination refreshed and full of energy. Items are Kindle, Cosmetic Case or Travel adapter are necessities for any traveller or travelling couple. 


Pretty much the most popular category for all wedding registries – kitchen. Jennifer has some recommendations of her own here as well. Would you like to learn how to make your own fresh pasta? Are you a coffee addict? Jennifer has a recommendation for either of those two. 

Outdoor entertaining:

If you are an owner of the house with some open backyard space, Jennifer recommends few items to make your backyard cozier and more useful than it has ever been. Items like copper fire pit with pizza stone, outdoor Tundra cooler or string lights are a great addition to any wedding registry on Amazon. 

There are of course more items Jennifer is recommending. You can find the whole list of Jennifer Lawrence amazon wedding registry guide. 

Still not sure what to add to your Amazon wedding registry?

If you are still not sure what items to add, Amazon offer additional tools to help you out. 

First of them is Popular Gifts guide, which lists the most popular items that are added regularly to thousands of Amazon wedding registries. It is not a surprise that 17 out of the top 20 most popular items are products for kitchen. There is probably not a single registry without crockpot/instapot, knife set or a salad bowl in them.

Second tool is “Shop by hobby”. This as its name suggests lets you choose products based on your hobby. There are gift recommendations for Beauty, Movies, Photography, Games, Music, Travel and many more. 

And if you still are not sure, you can go the old fashion way and just add Amazon Gift cards to your registry. That way you can spend the money later as the time goes by and as you need it, after the wedding and stressful times are over. 

Wedding registry on Amazon review summary

There are just too many good things about Amazon registry to not give it a shot and add at least some things to it. There is literally no household out there who does not shop on Amazon. And you only need to reach $500 in purchased goods to receive a 20% discount. 

Add to it the free gift from several brands and possibility of group gifting of large items and there is nothing to lose really. 

However, it might not fulfil all your needs. Amazon is not really known to carry the best furniture, or some fancy bath products. So it is always to check the Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond options as well.