coronavirus south africa wedding arrest

Coronavirus: 53 people arrested in South Africa, including bride and groom, for hosting a wedding during Coronavirus pandemic

coronavirus south africa wedding arrest

This couple’s life together didn’t start a way they imagined it

Police in the city of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa received a anonymous tip that a wedding was happening despite strict quarantine order. In South Africa, all public gatherings are prohibited.

Among the arrested were all 50 guests, pastor and the newlyweds themselves, and taken to the police station nearby where they are awaiting their court date. 

This news broke out thanks to multiple twitter videos showing the incident, and spread across the whole globe instantly. It it not every day that you see bride and groom getting arrested on their wedding day. 

South Africa has currently over 2000 cases of Coronavirus, and 25 official deaths. The local administration however takes the threat serious and is enforcing strong restrictions.