9 Reasons Pottery Barn Wedding Registry is Amazing

If you like up-scale furniture and high quality designs, you will probably like Pottery Barn too. This California based home furnishing store is actually owned by Williams-Sonoma. But they have their own stores and their own wedding registry. With hundreds of stores around the country, Pottery Barn is a go to place for many furniture and home goods shoppers. So what about their wedding registry?

Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Benefits

1. Create The Most Amazing Personalized Gifts and Add them to Your Registry

pottery barn wedding registry personalized gifts

The best feature of Pottery Barn Wedding Registry, and one of the best features of any of the wedding registries we have analyzed and tried. In the personalized gifts section, Pottery Barns offers hundreds of customizable products, which you can make personal with a monogram, either with a letter or a name. There are over 300 products available for customization, and all of them would be an excellent addition to your home and to your wedding registry

2. The only wedding registry focused on sustainability

We have been through countless registries and registry pages. And even though sustainability is a huge topic in the world now, we have not seen much focus on it on these registries. Pottery Barn Wedding Registry is the only one out there actively promoting sustainability. Directly on the registry home page, Pottery Barn is giving attention to their environment friendly products, made of organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards.

3. THE ONE Wedding Registry – add items from other Williams Sonoma brands

Pottery Barn wedding registry is now part of “The One” registry. That means you now only need one wedding registry to add items across all the Williams Sonoma brands:

  • Pottery Barn
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Williams Sonoma
  • West Elm

With this one registry, called THE ONE, you can add items from all 4 brands to just one registry and manage everything from there. This is an advantage only possible thanks to one brand having multiple popular stores that a lot of people use and shop at. 

If you are a fan of these brands, if you have kids, if you want to add things from several of them to your registry, then “The One” wedding registry is a very useful tool.

4. Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Experts – One-on-One advice

One of the advantages of having an actual retail store is the ability of the brand to offer you expert advice. Many retailers do that, like Macy’s, and Pottery Barn is offering this benefit too. 

On a dedicated website, you can book one-on-one appointments with Pottery Barns experts. There are several areas where PB experts can help you, and one of them is creating your perfect wedding registry. These experts have gone through hundreds of registries and so they will make sure you don’t forget any registry essentials. Other registries offer the same benefits, like Macy’s, so at the end you can try multiple advisors and decide which one you like better.

5. 10% Completion Discount

As many other wedding registries, like Amazon Wedding Registry or Wayfair Wedding Registry, Pottery Barn also offers a completion discount. Completion discount can be applied for all the items in your wedding registry which are not purchased by your guests by the time of your wedding. You have 6 months after your wedding day to redeem this discount, and choose which leftover products from your registry you want to purchase. To be honest, we are a little bit disappointed with this discount, as it is lower than most other registries. 

Right now you get a 20% completion discount at Wayfair wedding registry, Amazon wedding registry and Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding registry. You also get nice discounts at Macy’s, but they depend on the purchase item category. 

6. Get your wedding featured on Pottery Barn Instagram

If you are a social media addict or an influencer, Pottery Barn Wedding Registry has a feature just for you. If you post your wedding pictures on Instagram and tag them with @potterymarnweddings, you can get featured on their instagram page. This is a unique feature that we have not seen on any other wedding registry so far, so big thumbs up to Pottery Barn for thinking about this. In the end, it is a great marketing tool mainly for Pottery Barn, since this will mainly promote the PB brand and the PB wedding registry.

7. Pottery Barn Wedding Registry App

Pottery Barn has a specific app just for the wedding registry management. A lot of other stores just implement the wedding registry to their existing app. There is however Target Wedding Registry stand alone app as well. The Pottery Barn Wedding Registry App is available on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Among other things, these are the features you can use the app for:

  • Create new wedding registry easy and on the go
  • Keep track of what was already purchased from the registry and what is left
  • Use the phone camera in the store. You can walk around the store and take pictures of products and automatically add it to your registry. 

8. Registry Checklist

Pottery Barns offers and the One Registry offers 2 ways to browse through the checklist. One form is a printable PDF checklist, with all the essentials that you should think of when creating your wedding registry. This is a very simple checklist, and can be useful carrying around when you shop in-store. It gives a pretty complete list of items, and should be used as a rough guidance which you can adjust based on your individual needs. 

Another way to browse the checklist is on Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Checklist full page. Here it is not just about a list of items with checkboxes. You can actually go through different products, see the prices, colors and different styles. This checklist is split into 4 main categories:

  1. Set your table – for all your kitchen and dining room needs
  2. Make your bed – all you need for your bedroom
  3. Refresh your bath – bathroom recommendations for your registry
  4. Style your home – everything else from living room to outdoor furniture

Pottery Barn definitely has one of the best designed wedding registry checklists out there

9. Wedding Registry Essentials guide

In addition to the wedding registry checklist, Pottery Barn also has a separate page with a short basics to building your wedding registry. This page is a great starting point for couples who are very new to registries and wedding shopping. It gives a great overview of basic tips and tricks.

Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Summary

Pottery Barn registry is an excellent choice, especially if you are after high-quality household items like furniture, towels or bedroom stuff. It’s personalization selection is amazing. Also couples who are environment-friendly will find a separate selection of sustainable items.

We would appreciate higher than the 10% completion discount.

Pros and Cons of Belk Wedding Registry

Belk was founded in 1888 and it is one of the oldest department stores in the USA. Popular for its household items selection, the Belk Wedding Registry is a popular choice of many newlyweds. Let’s have a look at all the advantages it offers.

Many Local Perks of Belk Wedding registry

One of the top advantages of Belk Wedding Registry is the long list of local perks that come with it. This is great if you have a Belk store in your area. However, Belk is a fairly local store, present in only 16 states in the USA and 300 locations. So if you have Belk in one of those 16 states, you preferably close to your home, you can enjoy any of these amazing Belk wedding registry perks.

1. Belk Engagement party

This event happens in Belk stores twice a year. It is a great opportunity to start your engagement the right way. Unfortunately, Belk doesn’t keep a list of all the engagement parties in all the stores. The best way to find out the when and where is one happening is to reach out directly to your local Belk store. Most of the will post events for these belk engagement parties on their facebook pages. Things to look for in Belk Engagement party:

  • Free refreshments 
  • Belk wedding registry experts
  • Music
  • Local Vendors
  • Prizes for attendees, mostly Belk Gift cards in $100 or $250 nominations
  • Live Demos of many household products
  • Bridal Fashion Show from local boutique
  • Discounts on some of the most popular registry items
  • Credit towards your first Belk Wedding Registry purchase

All these perks are at the discretion of the local Belk store. 

There are 3 ways you can find out whether your local Belk store is hosting engagement party:

  • Call your local store and inquire about Belk Wedding Registry engagement party
  • Check the Facebook page of your store and the future events on this page
  • Google “City” + “Belk Engagement Party” + “Year”. It is important to add the year to your google search, or you will end up getting results for old events.

2. Belk Wedding Registry Expert Advisor

Another of the local Belk perks is getting expert wedding registry advice in store from Belk’s Expert. This is similar to wedding registry at Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry. Both of them offer on premise advisors, who have experience thanks to going through the creation of hundreds of wedding registries for couples with all kinds of different tastes. 

 The onsite personal advisor is definitely one of the advantages of having your wedding registry at a store which has brick and mortar locations, where you can actually go in and look around. You will never get this kind of personal advice if you use an online-only wedding registry like Amazon. Unfortunately as mentioned above, Belk doesn’t have a coverage large enough to cover the whole country. But if you have one around, you might find this advantage helpful.

3. Register items for your wedding registry directly in Belks store

Thanks to being a brick-and-mortar store, Belk can offer another advantage to your wedding registry. Wil Belk app on your smartphone, you can browse the Belk store and scan items you like. These will be added to your registry automatically after you confirm it. This is a great benefit, since you can walk around the store, touch things, see their real color and decide based on the actual perceived quality. You don’t have to rely only on online reviews and hope that the thing you added to your registry is going to look the way you want it to. You can be sure the item from your registry is the same one you saw and touched directly at the store

Online and other Belk Wedding registry benefits

So after we covered all the offline and in-store benefits of Belk wedding registry, let’s have a look at the once which you can get even in the online world. Belk is a known department store in some regions. But to increase their revenue potential and reach, Belk has a well designed online store, with option to open the wedding registry there without the need of having to go to the actual store. Let’s have a look at these perks.

5. Belk Registry Rebates – Bonus Free gifts

This benefit is called bonus free gifts on Amazon Wedding Registry or Macy’s wedding registry. Belk calls this Registry Rebates, but at the end it is the same thing. With the registry rebates, you can get a free gift from top brands if your guests purchase products in some value from these brands. 

For example you can get a free set of 3 bowls from cuisinart, if you complete $400 purchase of cuisinart products. There are also free gifts from KitchenAid, Mikasa, Lenox and other brands. You can check the complete list of Belk Wedding Registry rebates here.

6. Belk Wedding Registry Checklist

Like many other wedding registries, the Belk one also has a checklist. And even-though it is a pretty complete checklist, it is really just a simple list of items with checkboxes. There is no interactivity. There are no product suggestions. And even the checklist itself, it is not clear whether my selection is saved in your account – since you can access nad check the boxes even without logging in.

belk wedding registry checklist

7. To Do & Don’t Tips and Advice by Belk

Belk has prepared a nice little page with wedding registry tips, where they describe all the things you should or shouldn’t do when setting up your registry. This is a great addition to the wedding registry knowledge base. 

Here are some of the DOs mentioned:

  • Start Early
  • Register Together
  • Research the store’s return policy
  • Think about gift cards

And also some DON’Ts:

  • Don’t forget to update your registry often
  • Don’t register at every store available
  • Don’t let the stress get the best of you

All of these are really on point and they are explained more in detail on Belk’s website.

8. Downloadable printable enclosure cards for your invitations

This feature is an excellent marketing idea by Belk. You can download pre-designed insert cards right from Belk’s website and send these with your wedding invitations. It is an easy way to inform your guests that you host your wedding registry are Belk.com

Belk Wedding Registry Summary

Where Belk really shines are the local benefits of having the wedding registry with them. As a brick and mortar store with physical locations, they have more tools to get you in the store than an online marketplace like Amazon has. If you have Belk in your area, then visiting the Belk engagement party is a great way to get into your wedding mood and start focusing on creating the perfect registry. The same goes for the personal registry advisor which can always guide you through the process.

On the other hand, there are features which Belk is missing. Many wedding registries offer completion discounts on everything that stays in your registry unpurchased. Usually it is in the 15%-20% range. Belk does not offer any completion discount on the leftover items, and that is a shame. It is hard to get the attention of newlyweds without monetary deal like that. 

Another thing missing is more information about return policy for items purchased through the registry. The big players in the industry offer longer return periods for these products, sometimes up to 1 year if the product is unopened and in new condition. Belk’s standard return policy is 180 days, which is very generous. However this information is not promoted anywhere on the registry pages and one has to search for it in the FAQ section of their general website. It would be nice to have this information available right next to other belk wedding registry benefits. 

To sum it up, Belk is a great choice if you have one in your area and you want to touch and see the products you are adding to your registry. It has a great selection of household items for all your rooms that you can choose from. But because of the lack of completion discount, we would not recommend for Belk to be your main registry site. Only use it for essentials, like blankets, decorations, lamps. Things where you care how they look, what exactly is their color, etc…Avoid using Belk for items that are the same on every other store, like Instapots.

Maid Of Honor vs Matron Of Honor And Her Duties

One of the most commonly question asked is:

Is there a difference between Matron of Honor and Maid of Honor?

As most people know, Maid Of Honor is the closest bride’s friend, who stands by the bride during her most important day. Maid of Honor helps organize the bachelorette party. She is the bride’s most important emotional support. However what many people don’t know is that we use the term Maid Of Honor only in cases when this person is not married. Maids of honors are usually similar age as the bride, and in most cases, they are not married. 

Matron Of Honor, on the other hand, fulfills the same role as Maid Of Honor, but she is already married. This usually happens if the bride chooses her mother to fulfill this honorable role. Sometimes the words “Maid” or “Matron” can be skipped completely, and the term “Honor Attendant” can be used. 

Check out our Wedding Terms page for more terms description.

What if the Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor is divorced?

Many brides struggle with naming her Honor Attendant if it’s a woman who is divorced. Technically, in this case the term Matron Of Honor should be used, since the person is Mrs, not Ms. However, in situations like this we recommend not to follow technical rules, but rather feelings and preferences of the Honor attendant. 

Maybe she is still young, fun, her marriage lasted short while and she wants to forget about it, and she prefers the term “Maid Of Honor”. In that case, you should use “Maid Of Honor”. 

On the other hand, if she has 3 kids, bringing them to the wedding, and is accompanied with her new long-term partner, maybe she prefers the be called “Matron Of Honor”. 

Really in situations like this, there is no right or wrong answer and you should use the term that the person prefers. Once again, there is no right or wrong answer, just enjoy the wedding!

Who is a Man Of Honor and Best Woman?

The terms Man Of Honor and Best Woman are used when the bride and groom choose people of the opposite sex to be their closest supported. So if the bride chooses her Bride Of Honor/Matron Of Honor to be a man, then we call this person a Man Of Honor.

The other way around, if the groom chooses his Best Man to be actually a female person, then we call her Best Woman. 

What are Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties?

The Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor has been chosen by the bride because she is the most trusted and trustworthy person the bride knows and has. It is a great honor to be chosen one, however it also means that the Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor has multiple duties, not just standing next to the bride during the ceremony. She helps the bride with organization and coordination of everything, she is also responsible for organizing the bachelorette party. And she needs to be by the bride’s side to help her cope with the stress and excitement, and to calm her down in the time of need. 

Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties before the ceremony

Organizing Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party – both of these events need organizing and the maid of honor/matron of honor plays a big role in both. She helps the bride with the location selection, activities selection and booking hotel. She also helps collecting the monday from other bridesmaids or attendees, and helps with picking up the best present for the bride. 

Assists in Wedding Dress Shopping – for some brides, picking up the right wedding dress is the most stressful part of the wedding preparations. Some brides love it, some hate it, but all of them need help with the final decision. That is where the maid of honor/matron of honor comes into play, most commonly also with the mother of the bride (unless they are the same person). The Maid Of Honor not only helps with the final choice, but can also help booking the dress fitting days. 

Coordinates other Bridesmaids – to get some extra work off the bride’s shoulders, she can have her maid of honor/matron of honor organize the other bridesmaids. She will coordinate common outfits/dresses for the wedding and make sure that all of them know where and when to show up. She will also help get their RSVPs for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. 

Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties during the ceremony

The wedding ceremony is when the maid of honor will be the most important to the bride. And the most visible to other wedding guests as well. Until this time, only the bride and bridesmaids, and possibly the groom, knew who the maid of honor is. But now everyone will find out, because she is a big part of the ceremony as well. 

Here are some of maid of honor/matron of honor duties during the ceremony:

  • Holding the groom’s ring until brides asks for it
  • Watching bride’s train while she walks down the aisle
  • Holding the bride’s flower bouquet during the ceremony and the vows
  • Making sure bride is always comfortable and helps her calming down the stress

Maid Of Honor/Matron Of Honor Duties after the ceremony and the wedding

After the ceremony and the wedding, both the bride and her maid of honor can take a breath and relax. There is not too many duties the maid of honor has after the wedding. In case the wedding is in a remote location, she usually helps organize the transportation back to hotels, especially for the bridesmaids. Just so that the bride doesn’t have to worry about that. 

50 Amazing Non Traditional wedding ideas

If you fell like you want a non-traditional wedding, something special, we prepared for you a long list of ideas you can implement. Our ideas are sorted into several categories, stating with “Wedding Preparation” and ending with the “Non Traditional Wedding Reception”. If you are having hard time coming up with ideas, we strongly recommend that you check Etsy, which is flooded with creative solutions to all your problems

Wedding preparation ideas for Non Traditional wedding

1. Non traditional wedding invitations

Do something crazy with the invitations. You can use non traditional shape, or attach an item to the invitation. If you are having hard time coming with ideas, check Etsy.com which always have a lot of unique and excellent choices. For example these non traditional wedding invitations shaped like coasters with “free drinks” on them

non-traditional wedding invitations

2. Wedding rings 

Forget the standard gold/silver rings which everyone buys. Also forget spending thousands of dollars on a wedding ring. From ocean inspired rings, to steampunk pieces, you have so many other non traditional choices. Just match it with your theme and pick what’s closest to your heart

3. Wedding transportation 

Do you want to arrive in a very non traditional way to your wedding? Then don’t use limos and luxury cars. Everyone is using those, everyone has seen them being used for wedding. It is time for a chopper or a trike arrival. There is a large selection of trikes to rent from on Turo, for example this beautiful blue Solaris Trike in Los Angeles.

3. Non traditional bridal party proposals 

It is time to ask your bridesmaid to be your bridesmaids? Don’t just send a boring card. This funny puzzle invitation will cheer up any potential bridesmaid.

Non Traditional Wedding Ceremony Ideas

4. Get Rid of the flowers

Don’t carry flowers, but something less traditional. For example ferns. Or something your kids made for you, like paper bouquets. Or you can carry something completely else, something which describes you better. Are you into music? Carry electric guitar. Be unconventional.

5.Don’t wear a veil, just go the way you feel the most comfortable and show your beauty

6. Don’t use altar for your wedding ceremony

Altars has been historically a symbol of a traditional wedding. So if you really want to go non-traditional, get rid of it. Don’t have your ceremony under the altar. Be creative. We have seen weddings on the beach just under the blue sky, without altar. Forest weddings under trees are also possible. Another option is to pick something symbolic – like blossom cherry. In many European countries, a kiss under blossom cherry means that you will love each other forever. 

7. Don’t have a ring bearer or a flower girl 

If you don’t have anyone who would fit the role, it is ok to skip this tradition. It is not necessary to force it, if it’s just not meant to me. 

8 Have your grandmas be your flower girls

Do you want to make your grandma the happiest person in her life? Ask her to be your flower girl. Gradmas don’t like anything more than when grandchildren ask them to do something so touching.

9. Use your dog as a ring bearer

There is nothing cuter than a dog walking down the aisle and having your ring tied to his collar. Warning: Only try with well trained dog.

10. Include more/all family members in the actual ceremony

Invite more family members to the altar to stand next to you during the ceremony. This is a perfect thing to do if you already have kids. Seeing the whole family being part of the non-traditional wedding ceremony will melt everyone’s heart. You can also do the vows all together, as one happy family.

11 Ceremony dancing

Pick some good energetic music and have people dance during/after your ceremony. Pick a good music that will fire up everyone and have everyone enjoy themselves.

12 Mix bridesmaids and groomsmen together 

Why separate bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side of the altar? Mix them together and have them mixed on both sides of the altar. This will definitely bring some non traditional feeling to your ceremony. 

13. 360 degrees seating around the wedding altar

Have the altar surrounded by chairs from both sides, or from 360 degree, not just one side. This way, everyone will have a better view of the ceremony. And some guests will be actually be facing each other, which makes for a unique experience

14. Have a non-traditional standing wedding ceremony

Don’t have chairs for quests during the ceremony. Just the altar and everyone else is standing. The ceremony usually lasts just few minutes. Especially if you have a small wedding, everyone standing will make for an amazing experience. You are standing as well, so the guests can take it too.

15. Non traditional wedding vows

Have unusual vows. Like the for example the Corpse Bride vows. If you do not have a strict religious wedding, then your options and possibilities are endless. Your vows can be full of insider jokes, double meanings, your hobbies or your pets. Anything that comes to your mind, and is out of the ordinary. 

16. Ceremony readings and vows printed for the guests

Print the ceremony readings and vows and place them on the chairs for the guests. Quite often there are guests who can’t hear the ceremony properly – especially if you are having a large wedding. Or if you are having a lot of elderly guests. Having the ceremony printed out, in some funny form, will make everyone’s mood better and easier to follow the most important part of the wedding. 

17. Non Traditional wedding ceremony music

Everyone has heard the traditional Bridal March song, or any other popular ceremony song, many many times. If you share a specific taste for music with your partner, or just want to stand out of the crows, then avoid these always repeated pieces and choose something less traditional Be special and have your own song selection. Play heavy metal if you are both heavy metal fans, why not? There are electric guitar versions of almost any songs out there. 

18. Print out the wedding program 

Many times after the ceremony, the guests are confused and are not sure what to do and when the next official program starts. Are they supposed to stand around until someone calls them? How much time do they have? To avoid this confusion, print out the programs and have them available in the cocktail hour are. So the guests are not lost and confused as to what they are supposed to do. But not just a traditional program, try something like this.

19. End you wedding ceremony with a drink

Have a drink at the end of the ceremony to unify your marriage. Doesn’t have to be champagne, really anything you want. Even a beer. Nothing speaks louder to your commitment and how great of a couple you are than a cheers at the end of the ceremony. 

20. Non-traditional wedding Aisle Runner 

Most weddings don’t have any aisle runner, some have a fancy carpet. But a customized creative aisle runner, full of pictures of the newlyweds and their friends can be a game changer. You can even have your guests sign it, and write a wish on it. This will create a life time memory which will remind you of your amazing wedding day. 

21. Unusual Wedding Bouquet Toss 

Instead of tossing the whole bouquet together, the bride can toss the bouquet with flowers separated. Then they will separate even more in the air, and more single ladies will be able to catch one of herself. Unique experience for all those who wish to grab a piece of the bouquet. 

Non Traditional Wedding Officiant ideas

Before doing anything non traditional with your wedding officiant, make sure you are going to fulfil all the legal requirements of your state/country. Often couples decide to do the legally binding ceremony in the city hall with a city officiant for a small fee. And then on their actual wedding they can decide to do literally anything at all, since their marriage will be already legal by that time.

22. Have one of your best friends do the ceremony. 

The friends are unique in a way that they usually know both groom and bride pretty well. And they know a lot about their history and how they started dating. Ceremonies conducted by best friends are usually one of the most romantic and funny.

23. Have the officiant wear a non traditional wedding costume. 

If your whole wedding is non-traditional, and themed, make sure the officiant clothing is matching the team. Be it a colorful outfit or a fairy-tale character.

Non traditional Wedding Wear

24. Creative gown/veil 

Why settle for a standard white veil? Who said that the veil cannot stand out, be of a different color and have some interesting pattern? Having the veil in a bright color contrasting your wedding dress will get you a lot of looks, if that is what you are going for. 

25. Unusual wedding dress

99% brides go for a long white wedding dress. So if you are really looking for that non-traditional look, wear something else. Don’t wear a white wedding dress, pick something more edgy like red. Or wear a black wedding dress and combine it with the Corpse Bride vows

26. Colorful and funky Groom’s suit.

The same goes for the groom’s suit. Why wear a black tux with bow-tie? Get more creative. Shorts are a perfect selection for a beach wedding. Colorful suit matching the bright color of brides veil can also do magic. 

27. Bride’s wedding pants suite

You don’t have to wear a wedding dress at all. Wedding pants can be beautiful and sexy as well. This is very practical for wedding in unusual location like beach or a forest.

28. Wedding wear for guests

Have your guests wear whatever they want. Let them wear shorts if the wedding is on the beach or in hot weather. Your guests will appreciate that. Let them wear flip flops or sneakers if they want to. Everyone should be as comfortable as possible, and by not being strict on the dress code, you can achieve that feeling. 

29. Different colored dresses for your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Let your bridesmaids have different color dresses and match those colors with different colors for groomsmen clothing. This will create a unique and colorful ceremony. Just imagine each couple (bridesmaid and groomsmen) walking down the aisle in matching colored outfits. First couple blue, second red, third purple, etc…

Non Traditional Wedding Cocktail hour ideas

30. Serve popcorn during cocktail hour

Forget traditional finger food. No crab-cakes and skewers for your wedding. Get a popcorn machine, and serve delicious fresh warm popcorn. 

31. Play a movie in the background during cocktail hour

Playing a movie in a combination with the popcorn idea will get your cocktail hour very unique atmosphere and all your guests are going to enjoy it. As a movie we recommend a video of the newlyweds – their pictures, videos, videos of their pets, etc. You can prepare this video by yourself before the wedding, or have a professional do it for you. Few months before the wedding, ask your friends to send you some videos of them they have with you. And then watch their faces when they see their video being shown during the cocktail hour. 

32. Funny wedding advice card

Think of a funny advice cards, print them out and have guests fill it in. If you don’t know what the advice card is, get inspiration from the Etsy example below

32. Customized temporary tattoos 

During the cocktail hour, give the guests the opportunity to get a tattoo. Of course, this is just going to be temporary tattoo, and it can have the newlywed faces and the date of the wedding

33. Add games to your cocktail hour 

While your guests are waiting for the reception, let them entertain themselves with games like corn hole or giant jenga tower. These games can be play in groups of few people. They are a perfect ice-breaker in case your wedding has many guests who don’t know each other. Instead of standing around quietly, playing games will get them interact with each other and socialize faster. 

34. Hammocks and Cabanas

If your wedding is outdoors and you have space and budget to spare, add hammocks and cabanas to your cocktail hour area. This will make the guests more comfortable and will spice things up.

35. Beer and wine tasting

Beer and wine tasting is an excellent idea if you know your guests are beer and wine lovers. It is also pretty affordable addition to the cocktail hour, especially if the venue allows you to bring your own wines and beers. 

36. S’mores making on an open fire

Another great ice-breaker and socializing activity to do during your cocktail hour. If your wedding is outdoors, you can do s’mores on open fire. Add some Bailey’s on the side and everyone will be happy. 

37. Wall for signing and messaging

Place a wall with a large white sheet in the cocktail hour area and have your guests sign it and draw pictures on it. Have colorful pens and markers ready, plenty of them, so you don’t run out. 

38 Signature cocktail 

If you have an open bar, add a signature cocktail to the options. This is a cocktail which has a special name which you come up with. It can be named after you, the newlyweds, or after your pet or anything else. And it can be based on some popular drink, but with a little twist. For example Moscow mule with a spicy jalapeno. 

Non Traditional Wedding Reception ideas

Skip the best man and maid of honor speeches, or replace them with something more non-traditional and funny. What about the best man karaoke, how does that sound?

39. Do a build your own drink buffet station

This is a non-traditional wedding alternative to an open bar. The station can have selection of multiple beers and wines. But also a pre-made drinks which the guests can customize to their taste – for example build your own Bloody Mary bar. 

40. Set up an activity for the parents from both parties to do something together

Have the parents of both parties do something together. This can be for example singing a song, dancing, or drinking a shot of liquor together. Often times the parents get forgotten on this special day, and they deserve more attention. This is a nice way to get them more involved. 

41. Order cheap catering like Taco Stand

Are you on budget? Don’t do a traditional reception. In many places you can now order fairly cheap catering, like Taco stand. These Taco stands are able to host tens of guests and the quality is amazing. Great alternative if you are on budget.

42. Do a buffet dinner instead of serving individual orders

Taco stand sounds too cheap but regular dinner too expensive? Make a dinner buffet with affordable but high quality meals. Most of the time buffet ends up cheaper than actual served food, and everyone has many food choices

43. Non Traditional Wedding reception decoration

This is pretty self explanatory. If you are both huge fans of Star Wars, have a giant Millennium Falcon hanging above your head table. Be creative and use your imagination. The days of white/gold/red only decorations are over. 

44. Don’t have a head table, eat with the other guests

Based on the size of the wedding, you can just skip the head table, and have everyone eating at one table together. This is very non-traditional wedding reception idea, but it will make you closer to your guests and more involved. Easier to do on small weddings rather than large. 

45. Use a GoPro to create a time-lapse of the reception

Get a GoPro just for few hundreds dollars, set it up somewhere with a great view of the whole reception area, and set it to take a picture every few seconds. Once put together, you will get a time-lapse of your non-traditional wedding reception which you can be part of your wedding video. 

46. Non traditional Wedding cake 

There are so many things you can do with a cake to be non-traditional. Let’s make it funny and sexy, and outrageous if you want. You can even replace cake with a cupcake tower

47. Funny and non-traditional wedding cake topper

Wedding Cake topper is another item you can have a lot of fun with. It can be something subtle and gentle, but also something like this sexy wedding cake topper. Etsy is again a great source of inspiration, like this sexy topper if you want to show how much you love each other to the world. You can try to recreate this pose on the wedding night, which will make for a very nice picture memory. 

48. Toasting flutes for wedding reception

Forget the boring plain seen-through glasses and pick something more colorful for your wedding There are now plenty options for flutes, with all kinds of colors. The disadvantage would be that you would probably have to buy these, since your venue will not be able to provide them.

49. Non Traditional Wedding Reception Table numbers

Incorporate your wedding theme into the table numbers. Don’t do just a boring number on a paper. Or do you want a number in a shape of the yacht, with a sea-lion nearby? What about seashells on a plate, and ocean themed picture with a number on it? If you have a themed wedding, non-traditional wedding reception table numbers are a must. 

50. Buy some Polaroid cameras

Get few Polaroid cameras and have your guests take random pictures throughout the day. This will create some of the best memories and really unique non-traditional wedding pictures.

Corpse Bride Vows For Your Own Wedding

Weddings are shown in many movies, but Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Vows are something that sticks in mind of many viewers. All Tim Burton’s books and movies are very specific. Filled with a spooky atmosphere, but lovely and lovable characters. 

The Corpse Bride is no exception and it is one of the best known Burton’s creations. Partially thanks to Johnny Depp, who gave the voice of the main character “ Victor Van Dort”. And what many people remember from the Corpse Bride very vividly is the Corpse Bride Vows scene. For those of you who don’t, see the video embedded below to refresh your memory.

Corpse Bride Vows popularity

The scene became so popular that many newlyweds were thinking about copying the vows and incorporating them into their weddings. Either in full, or just part of the corpse bride vows. There are even couples who are trying to copy the whole corpse bride wedding theme. 

The Corpse Bride became so popular, that you can now buy wedding dress inspired by the movie. And not only wedding dress, but many other items for your wedding. 

The Text of Corpse Bride Vows

So what are the actual vows? You can find the transcript below:

“With this hand,

I will lift your sorrows.

Your cup 

will never empty,

For I will be your wine.

With this candle, 

I will light your way in darkness.

With this ring, 

I ask you to be 

mine. “

After reading the vows, it is no surprise that this part of the movie has become so popular and well known. The vows are excellent, really great work by Tim Burton. The vows are not too dark or spooky either, and could be used in a standard wedding as well. Or just slightly adjusted to satisfy you during your wedding day. 

Wedding Terms – The complete wedding terminology

All the wedding terms you need to know 

If you are upcoming bride and groom planning your wedding, you might get lost in all the wedding terms and terminology out there. There is a number of wedding terms you need to get familiar with, so you don’t get lost in all the articles and forums you are going to read. Some of the terms describe different wedding roles and wedding positions. Another group of wedding terms is about The Wedding Party – The Bridal Party, Groom’s Party, and other guests. Other describe the wedding ceremony process. We prepared this glossary of wedding terminology to make your planning easier.

wedding terms overview

Best Man

This person is selected by a groom and it is usually the closest friend or male he has. Very often it can also be Groom’s brother or other family member. The best man helps the groom be calm before the wedding, keeps him accompanied and often has his own best man speech during the dinner.

Bachelor Party

The party for the groom to celebrate his last days as a single man. Usually it is organized by the best man, or one of the closest groom’s friends. Involves alcohol and games, and other forms of entertainment. One of the most popular locations for a bachelor party in the USA is Las Vegas or Austin.

Bachelorette Party

This party is for the bride to celebrate her last days as a single woman. It is organized by Bride’s friends, most of the time one of her bridesmaids. And includes partying and alcohol. Recently, activities like wine tasting have become popular alternatives to groups which do not feel like partying much.


Boutonniere is a flower decoration which men put on the left side of their suit or tuxedo. It is an optional accessory.


Traditional part of almost every single wedding. Bouquet is the flow which the bride carries. It is usually a very beautiful, original and large set of flowers. After the wedding ceremony, the bride tosses the bouquet to the audience of women, also known as bouquet toss.

bouquet wedding terms

Bouquet Toss

Bouquet Toss is a tradition where Bride throws her bouquet to a crowd of not married female wedding attendees after she says yes to her bridegroom. This tradition originally started in England. The tradition before bouquet toss was that women would actually try to rip off a piece of brides dress for good luck. In order to avoid her dress being ripped apart, the bride would toss the bouquet to the crowd and escape. This has now become a ceremonial tradition and the women who catches the bouquet is said to be the next one to get married. Bouquet Toss has been part of the wedding terms for many years. 

Bridal Party

Bridal party refers to a group of wedding attendees. It is a group invited by a bride, and they are bride’s closest people. Specifically, bridal party consists of maid of honor/matron of honor and bridesmaids. Bride and Groom have their own parties, grooms party is explained in separate section. 


Bride is a woman who is about to get married on her wedding. It can also be used as an expression to describe someone who just got married very recently. She is marrying a groom, originally called bridegroom. The bride has her own bridal party with bridesmaids. Sometimes both of the newlyweds can be called brides if we are talking about same-sex marriage. 


Bridegroom is just another expression for Groom – the person the bride is marrying. Check the Groom section for more information


The group of friends from the bride’s side, who are her closest friends and stand by her side during the wedding ceremony. Usually it includes family members like a sister and other closests friends.


This is a small finger food served during cocktail hour. Usually includes a piece of bread or pastry, covered with something savoury. You can hold it with your hand and just eat it in one bite.

Cathedral Veil

This is a very specific and long Veil which is commonly longer than the wedding dress. It is around 120 inches long. This is the most prominent veil type you can choose, everyone will notice if that is your goal.

Cocktail Hour

The time between the ceremony and dinner is called cocktail hour. It lasts about 1 to 2 hours and during this time cocktails and finger food is served. Most of the time the venue provides some kind of bar tables around the place so guests can put their drinks down. It is also a good time to take some pictures or use a photobooth if there is one available.

Corpse Bride Vows

Very famous vows used in Tim Burton’s movie Corpse Bride. The movie and wedding vows got so popular, that some people try to imitate the wedding style and incorporate corpse bride vows into their own wedding


Corsage is a flower decoration sometimes used by a bride. Usually it is a set of flowers tied around the bride’s wrist or attached to her wedding dress. It can also be just one single flower. A Corsage is an optional accessory to Bride’s wedding appearance.

Day of Planner

The person responsible for making sure that your wedding day flows smoothly and everything is on time. And if there is a problem, they make sure nobody finds out about it and they fix it. Most venues can provide this person for you, but you can bring your own as well.

Destination Wedding terms

This is a wedding which is happening in a different location than where the couple and closest family lives. It can be a different city, but also a different country. It is very popular recently, since more and more couples are focused on travelling rather than on traditions and weddings in churches. One of the most popular locations for American couples is Mexico – usually Cabo or Cancun. The wedding is usually happening in an exotic place with warm weather.

Dress Code

Dress Code explains what kind of attire should the guests choose for the wedding. Historically the wedding attire was very formal. However with an increased number of destination weddings and also beach weddings, the couples are more and more deciding on lenient dress code and do not insist on formal attire. Dress code should be mentioned either on the wedding invitations or the wedding website, so the guests can get prepared properly and choose the correct clothes. It is one of the most common wedding terms used, and is mentioned on every invitation. 

Engagement party

Engagement parties are very rare nowadays. But some couples still do it, especially if it is in a family tradition. The party happens up to 2 months after the engagement and it is to celebrate the newly engaged couple. In some cases the party can happen on the night of the engagement and it can be a big surprise for the future bride.

Escort Card

Escort card is one of the wedding terms used in connection to the seating plan. It has the name of the guest, and possibly 2 names if the guests are a couple, and number or letter of a table they are seated at during the dinner. The cards are placed somewhere in front of the dining area and can be picked up by guests during the cocktail hour.


This one doesn’t need much explanation. It is a term used for someone who is engaged to get married. In this case it is the future groom and bride before they are officially husband and wife.

First Dance

Some time after the dinner, it is time to party and dance. But before everyone is invited to the dance floor, it is time to the newlyweds first dance as a married couple. The couple usually choose their favorite song, a song they wish to dance together to. This is one of the most romantic parts of the wedding night .

Flower Girl

After the bridesmaids and groomsmen and groom make it to the altar, it is time for the bride. But before it’s her turn, a child (children) walks down the aisle and scatter flowers on the floor. Usually it is a girl, that’s why the term flower girl. However it has been pretty common recently that this is a boy, or a boy and a girl. Usually this child is a family member, or actual child of the groom and the bride.

Full Bar/Open Bar

Open bar means that all alcohol is paid for by the newlyweds and the guests can order any amount of alcohol they want. Most of the times there are restrictions to the selection of wine or hard liquor. 

Groom – BrideGroom

Groom, or also known as BrideGroom is a person the bride is marrying. He is the male newlywed, the husband to be. There can be 0 brides and 2 grooms, or 2 brides and no grooms if we are talking about a same-sex marriage. Groom is usually accompanied by the groom’s party – his best man and groomsmen. Traditionally he wears a black suite, but recently a lot of Grooms go for non-traditional wedding attire with their Bride’s permission. 

Groom’s party (BrideGroom’s party)

Groom’s or BrideGroom’s party are the wedding attendees invited by the groom and the closest to the groom throughout the wedding – The Best Man, and the Groomsmen. The Best Man is Groom’s closest friend, the male version of Bridesmaid. BrideGroom’s party is to the groom what the Braidal party is to the bride. 

Guest list

Each couple creates a list of guests they are planning to invite. The length of the list depends on the budget of the wedding. It can be anything from 10 to 300 people. Anything over 100 is considered a large wedding. Most of the time, the lists consists of:

  1. Members of Bride’s family
  2. Members of Groom’s family
  3. Friends
  4. Co-workers

It is up to the couple to decide what is the optimal number of guests and who to invite. Definitely one of the wedding terms about which the couples have lengthy discussions and sometimes arguments as well. One of the most imporant organizational wedding terms, closely connected to seating plan. 

Head Table

The bride and the groom have a prominent place at the dinner/reception. They are sitting at a table which is usually in the middle, so everyone can see them. The term for this table is the Head Table. Sometimes the bridesmaids and groomsmen also sit at the same table with the newlyweds.


It is a tradition that the newlywed couple goes for a vacation after the wedding, to enjoy some privacy and intimacy. This vacation is called honeymoon. Based on the financial situation of the couple, they choose the destination, take time off work and enjoy themselves. Even employers are counting on the fact that after the wedding, their employee will take around 2 weeks vacation.

In-house catering

Depending on the wedding venue, they can let you know that you can only have food and drinks served by one caterer that they work with. So you need to order the catering in-house, no 3rd party vendor can participate.

Intimate Wedding 

This expression is used to describe a small wedding with only a few guests, usually just the closest family and friends. Intimate wedding can be 10 or 20 guests, but anything below 100 considered is really considered a small wedding. 

Maid of Honour

Maid of Honour is the closest friend of the bride. It is similar to what the best man is to the groom. She helps organize the bachelorette party. She is also an emotional support during the wedding, spending most of the wedding with the bride making sure she is ready for her big day.

Matron of Honour

The term Matron of Honour is not used too often. But if you ever hear it, it means that the maid of honour herself is actually married.


The term stands for a bouquet of nice blooming flowers. In the past in the 14th century, the flowers were used to cover bad smells and odors. That is why the term is nosegay. Nosegay is one of the rarely used wedding terms. 


Officiant is the person who actually does the ceremony itself. He reads from the bible, or just from a notebook, and he is asking the couple all the important questions. Officiants need to have some kind of paperwork in order for the marriage to be officially accepted. This paperwork requirement varies by state and by country.

Page Boy

Page boy is a child who always walks behind the bride and is carrying her train down the aisle so she doesn’t step on it. Usually this child is a boy, but it can be a girl as well.

Place card

Place card is actually placed at the dinner table, at the spot where each guest should take their seat. This is used to make sure couples sit next to each other, and other organization reasons. It can also help with food delivery, since these cards sometimes have food selection printed on them, so the waiters can easily spot where to serve which food.


Another kind of flower bouquet. This one is of a smaller size and can be carried by hand.


A song or multiple songs playing in the background while guests are being seated before the wedding ceremony. The goal is to set a good festive mood and create excitement before the grooms and brides arrivals.


The act of bridesmaids and other bridal party members walking the aisle towards the altar. The processions grand end is the arrival of the bride


Music playing during procession – the event which leads to the bride walking the aisle.


The music selection after the ceremony is over and the groom kisses the bride – their first kiss as newly weds.

Response Card

RSVP for the wedding which was sent together with the invitation to all the guests. Guests are expected to fill the card in and send it back in the envelope provided. It is very important that all the quests fill in the response card, so the couple can start planning.

Ring Bearer

Ring bearer is a person (or a dog), who carries the rings down the aisle during the wedding ceremony. He then gives the rings to the officiant or directly to the couple. Often it is a young child, but it can also be the best man, or the couple’s dog.

RSVP meaning

Originally from french expression ‘répondez s’il vous plaît’. It translates to ‘Please Respond’. Guests are asked to RSVP to the wedding invitations, most commonly using Response cards provided.

Save The Date

Before the official wedding invitations are sent, some couples elect to send Save The Date cards to invited guests. This is just for the guests to make sure they mark the wedding date in their calendars. No RSVP needed at this point.

Seating Plan

If you have a large wedding and a dinner with many tables, you definitely need a seating plan. It is a plan of all the tables and where is who going to sit. Depending on the number of your guests, it can take you a long time to actually come up with a seating plan, so don’t leave this at the last minute. One of the most important organizational wedding terms, make sure you get your seating plan ready as soon as possible. 


A type of dress code which can be on the wedding invite. Semi-formal means that it is an outfit which is more dressier than your everyday jeans and shirt combination, however not as dressy as black-tie event.

Signature cocktail

The newlyweds can decide to offer a signature cocktail with a meaningful name at the bar. This cocktail could be something that both of them like to drink and is specific for their relationship – like the first drink they had together. And also it can have a funny/interesting name, like the name of their dog, or something else with hidden meaning.

Train as a wedding term

Trail is part of the bride’s wedding dress which is “trailing” behind her. If the bride has a long train, usually it is carried by the page boy on the bride’s way to the altar. Be careful with the train, since it can cause a few mishaps and funny situations


Tulle is a very fine and fluffy material used in veils or sometimes in wedding gowns too. Tulle adds extra fluffiness, so everything looks like from a fairy tale.


One of the most formal men’s attires. If the wedding is black tie, the guests are expected to wear a tuxedo with bow tie.


During the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds are asked to make a promise to each other. They can either write their own vows, or use one of the vows prepared by the officiants. Traditionally, the newlyweds promise to stay together and love each other no matter what, and have each other’s backs

Wedding Gift Registry

Most guests like to buy the newlywed couple a gift, or do a cash donation. In order to make sure that the gift is something the couple actually wants, they can create a wedding registry. Most of the big online stores have one, for example Amazon Wedding Registry or Macy’s Wedding Registry. The Couple can select the gifts they want, and every time someone buys a gift, it will show on the registry as “already purchased”. This also avoids multiple people buying the same gift. Wedding Gift registry and other connected wedding terms are getting more popular with the raise of e-commerce.

Wedding Party

Wedding party are all the guests of the wedding. They come to the wedding venue to witness the union of the bride and groom (bridegroom), the future newlyweds. The Wedding party consists of the Bridal and Groom parties, and of all the additional guests which are the friends and family of the bride and the groom. 

Wedding Website

With the internet being a part of everyone’s life, couples are now creating websites specifically for their wedding. These websites usually have the basic information about the wedding like location, time and link to the wedding gift registry. If the wedding is a destination wedding, the website also has the recommendations for accomodation in case everyone is responsible for booking their own.

Wishing Well

Wishing well is a box that the guests can use to give money to the newlyweds, instead of physical presents. Cash is a very common gift request. However with online payments and wedding registries being so popular now, wishing well is one of the wedding terms not used anymore, unless we are talking about very traditional wedding. 

Wedding Ceremony Order Of Events

Wedding Ceremony Order Of Events

Wedding actually has 2 pain parts, even though most of the lists avoid mentioning this. There is a public dimension and a private dimension. These 2 parts are however joined together and are enjoyable for both, the newlyweds and the guests. Public dimension is the part in which the guests witness your promises to each other. The private dimension is the part where you say your vows. These two dimensions–the public and the private–are necessarily interwoven, which makes weddings interesting and enjoyable. Planning is critical to create your own unique ceremony, so that the public and private dimensions of the ceremony can flow beautifully together.

From a legal point of view, there are not many requirements for a wedding. The only thing you need is the officiant, and you need to consent to be married. And then the officiant needs to make the declaration that you are husband and wife. So outside of these legal requirements, the wedding ceremony order is very open to interpretation. Some weddings are really standard and follow the traditional wedding ceremony order step by step. But some couples might decide to skip one or several steps. For example not all couples read their vows. But to make it celebratory and interesting for all involved, there are usually three movements to a wedding ceremony. The ceremony weaves from the public dimension to the private, then back to the public dimension to close.

First Movement Of The Wedding Ceremony Order: Public Dimension

The Procession

This is the part of the wedding ceremony when the guests walk down the line and they take their seats. Traditionally, the oldest direct members of the couples family go first and take seats right in the front. Then the rest of the family takes their seat and then the other guests. Traditionally, the bride is not part of the order of events until the very last end. After all the guests are seated, then is the turn for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They stand next to the altar, men on one side, women on the other. Then the grooms come and stands in front of the altar. After that a suspension starts. The moment everyone is waiting for – the arrival of the bride. Usually this moment is very exciting. The music starts and everyone starts looking towards the entrance. Then the bride arrives, usually accompanied by her father, and it is the first time the groom and the guests see her in her wedding dress. 

The Officiant’s Welcoming Remarks

The ceremony begins with welcoming. We generally remind the guests that while we may come from different backgrounds and from different walks of life, it is our common caring for the couple that brings us together. The welcoming usually includes something like “we are gathered here today…”. The more religious wedding can include welcoming remarks like “we are here today, before God” or “We have come together in the presence of God to witness and bless the joining together of this man and this woman”

The Officiant’s Readings

Brief readings are optional in the wedding ceremony order. Couples can have a favorite poem, or a section of a bible, and they wish the officiant to start the wedding with the reading. 

Address of the couple by the officiant

This is the longest part in the wedding ceremony and is given by the officiant. Here the officiant expresses how important and bounding marriage is. How lovely the relationship between the couple is and how they are the perfect couple for each other. It also mentions the struggles and fights the couple might have, but they will overcome those and come out even stronger. It has been a trend that the address has actually few jokes or funny mentions, especially in more relaxed type of weddings. 

Second Movement Of The Wedding Ceremony Order: Private Dimension


During the public dimension, the officiant was talking mostly to the guests. Welcoming the guests, introducing the couple to the party and expressing what marriage means and how important it is. The the second part of the wedding ceremony, called the private dimension, the officiant is talking directly to the couple. This part is between the couple and the officiant. 

Exchange of Vows

The vows are what you feel from the bottom of the heart and want to share it with your significant other. They are your promises to each other. Pledges of commitment. Traditional vows are still very popular, and they can vary based on religiousness of the couple and families. Usually, couples repeat the same vows, but sometimes one will surprise the other with unique vows. You can also decide to write your own wows and surprise your partner 

Ring Ceremony/Exchange

This part always comes right after the exchange of vows. In traditional ceremonies the couple says to each other, “With this ring, I thee wed.” In contemporary ceremonies, one might say, “Accept this ring as a sign of my love and my commitment. ” There are many options and choices. Just make sure your officiant is aware of what words you want him to choose, since you will be repeating after him. 

Third Movement: Public Dimension

Wedding Blessing/Benediction

The Ring Ceremony/Exchange is customarily followed by a Wedding Prayer or Benediction. This is a totally optional part of any wedding ceremony. You can decide to do a religious or non-spiritual blessing. Benediction means “good words.” That’s how a ceremony appropriately ends, with good words and best wishes as the couple go their way “as wife and husband”.


During the declaration, the officiant declares you husband and wife, and asks the husband to kiss the bride. Commonly the officiant also introduces the new couple with their new names.

Optional Traditions during wedding ceremony

There is an amazing amount of different wedding traditions. Especially international traditions are interesting. And if you are an international couple, then you probably want to add some of these to your wedding ceremony order. Traditions are optional and can enhance a ceremony by introducing visual elements such as candles, wine and cups, roses or sand, etc. They can be representative of a couple’s background, religion, heritage, etc. and generally are another way of uniting the couple. 

The Best Man Speech Outline – Template on how to write the best speech

Best man speech outline

When the groom asks you to be the best man at his wedding it is the greatest honor you can receive. It means that you and the groom have really special connection. Whether you are grooms brother or best friend, the groom decided that you will be a big part of his special day. As a best man, you can play several parts at the wedding. You may be asked to carry the wedding rings with you and have them ready for the ceremony.  It is also a tradition that the best man gives a speech at the wedding reception. Usually this speech happens when the food is served, or after everyone is done eating. This is a speech to honor the groom, the friendship you have with him, but also attention needs to be given to the bride and her family too. The speech is usually fairly formal, but not as much as the couple’s speeches. The formality also depends a lot on the families as such. There are weddings when such speech is not formal at all, and is totally acceptable. In some circles on the other hand, dirty jokes might not be taken too well. It is supposed to be short, similar to a toast.  We recommend preparing the speech in advance, and not just “swinging it” during the wedding. That way you can make a good impression on all the guests attending. Let’s check this quick template and best man speech outline.

Best Man Speech basics

Be Confident

Be Prepared

genuine best man speech outline

Be Yourself

Before you start actually writing the best man speech speech, try to think about the groom and bride as a couple. What do you know about them? How did they meet? How did you meet the bride and her family? How did your family react when they first met the bride? Answers on these questions will help you identifying stories that can be used during the speech. And what is very important, it will help you identify stories which you actually should share at all. All these little questions can make you with the best man speech outline. Think about what makes the groom and the marriage special.  Consider the personality of the groom, the times you had together. Most importantly, think about the times where you though the groom and the bride are a couple which is perfect for each other. Do they have a dog? Or play a sport together? Mention it! Think about how this marriage will make him happy. Having a good brainstorm before writing anything will help give the best speech because it will be well thought out. After you think of what you would like to discuss, have a time frame set. 

How Long Should a best man speech be?

Best man speeches are usually no longer than five minutes. But again this depends a lot on the type of wedding you are attending and what are the customs of the families attending. Usually about two to three minutes.

One-liners are acceptable part of the speech,  as long as they are relevant and respectful. Don’t be that Best Man who thinks anything is allowed and ends up offending the guests in one way or another.  This can be humorous or a sincere compliment. This also where you talk about how you know the groom and his bride. You also will thank the families, especially the bride’s parents.  Thank the guests for attending and don’t forget about the bridesmaids either. 

The main part of the speech should be aimed at the groom and the wedding couple. The best things about them and how they are a perfect couple together.  Again, keep it brief. Also, be mindful of others at the wedding by not using vulgar language and be tasteful in what you say. The point is to talk about how special the day is for the couple and to honor the groom.

The ending of the speech is always a toast. Be spirited and excited, make sure everyone can hear you properly so they can join you with their glasses.

The best man speech outline:

Each best man speech should be unique, but there are some things you don’t want to forget when writing one:

  1. Explain how do you know the groom
  2. Tell some funny story about the groom
  3. Tell the story of how you first time met the Bride and your positive impressions of her
  4. Say how the groom would never stop talking about the Bride
  5. Praise Bride’s family and welcome them to your family
  6. Explain why the groom and bride are perfect for each other
  7. Say how the bride is making your family even better than it is
  8. Make a joke about a funny thing you saw on their wedding registry

Everyone can be nervous about giving speeches, so preparation is essential.  Make sure you memorize the best man speech outline and know it by heart. That way if you forget some part, you know what was the next thing you wanted to talk about. Be sure to write your speech on note cards, or in your phone, and recite it everywhere you go.  Practice is the king, and so practicing in front of a mirror to observe your body language if a very useful activity. You should have good posture, hand out of the pockets, and a smile. Practice will also increase your self confidence. 

Remember that you are there to celebrate the most important day for the couple and to be happy about it.  Be sure to do what feels natural to you and adjust the best man speech outline accordingly. If you are more serious, then you don’t have to force humor into your speech.  Let your personality come though because it will make your speech genuine and memorable. You are part of something that is happy and so you can show it. 

Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry Guide – The secret to all benefits

bed bath and beyond wedding registry homepage

In the not so recent past, wedding registries were mainly about the couples moving in together, and buying the first common furniture, dishes and appliances. In those times Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry was the second most popular, right after wedding registry at Target. However, Amazon’s surge and their wedding registry has overtaken Bed Bath and Beyond in recent years. That’s why Bed Bath and Beyond had to start innovating and now has some very unique features which are making it still one of the best out there.

Bed Bath And Beyond Wedding Registry Benefits

1. Registry experts in the store

bed bath and beyond wedding registry experts instore

This is as personal as it gets. Bed Bath and Beyond is very proud of their store staff, and that’s why they have registry experts on the spot. You will get a scanner and you can walk around the store, scan any item for price and just get some inspiration. You can also start your registry directly in the store, or in the app while you are in the store, and then continue shopping online once you get home.

Here is where you book a Beth Bath and Beyond wedding registry expert appointment, and they will guide you from there.

2. Add Experiences or cash to your Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry

bed bath and beyond wedding registry experiences

Since couples are getting more adventurous and often would rather get money than set of silverware, Bed Bath and Beyond is offering something they call “All In One Registry”. This means you can add not only products to your registry, but also experiences and cash funds.  This is similar to Target Wedding Registry, which also added experiences option for all the newlyweds. 

Experiences, as the name suggests, are activities that couples want to do after the wedding. It is a great place to get inspiration for your honeymoon, and even to have your guests pitch in for your dream trip. There are experiences for many different occasions – travellers, thrill seekers, wellness and outdoor. Those are the main categories Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry is listing and offering. These experiences are then purchased through company called VEBO. You should though make a research before adding Vebo experiences to your registry. Maybe it is better to just ask for cash and book your travel on your own, if that’s what you like to do. 

The last option is online cash funds. If you are need of extra cash rather than more stuff in your house, choose this option and get some cash funds from your guests. Maybe to pay for honeymoon, or for the expensive wedding you are hosting for all of them. The cash is transfered to you after all is done through WePay, and payment processor used by many wedding registry companies. 

3. 20% Off Completion Discount

bed bath and beyond wedding registry completion discount

Do you have items left in your registry after wedding that nobody purchased. Well you can get them for 20% after your wedding day. That is a nice discount and comparable with other wedding registries as well

4. First anniversary coupon

This one is a little tricky. The reason is, that Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry is mentioning on their perks page that you get an anniversary coupon. But it doesn’t really say what it is for. Another discount? Maybe 20%? That is definitely our best guess – this coupon is most probably a 20% discount for anything on Bed Bath and Beyond on your first year anniversary.

5. Price matching

Similar to Target’s wedding registry, Bed Bath and Beyond gives a promise of price matching if you find the same item cheaper somewhere else. This is a good benefit if you want to go through checking the prices of all the items you receive, or at least the most expensive ones.

6. Bed Bath and Beyond 1 year returns on registry purchases

This is where standard retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond are still winning over e-commerce giants like Amazon – returns. Having a full 365 days period return policy window is a spectacular benefit. What if you are moving into a new house after the wedding and the lamp you receive does not fit into your living room anymore? No problem, as long as you have a gift registry receipt. 

Be aware that the 365 days return policy applies only on new and unopened items. Not used items will be accepted. And the refund is in the form of a merchandise credit for the amount paid, so you will need to spend the money in BBB after you return the gift.

7. Free Shipping on items over $39

There is no success in e-commerce nowadays without free-shipping. Bed Bath Beyond offers free shipping for all orders over $39, which is a reasonable limit of wedding registry orders.

8. Free gifts from selected brands

Several brands are running free gifts promotion on the Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry. To be eligible for a free gift, you need to add several items from these brands to you registry. Your guests need to purchase these items for you and then you will qualify to get a free gift. After you are qualified, you need to fill out a form to redeem this gift and then it will be shipped to you at no costs at all! 

We love the free gifts promotion on wedding registries. It is a win-win for everyone involved. The brand gets exposure and some revenues, and you get a free gift on top of the already purchased items. 

As an example, NESPRESSO is running a free gift promotion. You will get $50 in Nespresso credit for coffee and accessories if your guests purchase at least $199 of Nespresso products from your registry. That is a nice reward which can fund your coffee supply for several weeks or months, depending on how heavy of a coffee drinker you are.

bed bath and beyond wedding registry NESPRESSO bonus free gifts

ther brands running these promotions are Kate Spade, Zilling, DeLonghi, KitchenAid and many others. You can find the most current list of Bed Bath and Beyond Free Registry gift here. 

There are other wedding registries with free gift option, Amazon Wedding Registry is one of them. 

Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry inspiration

If you don’t know what to add to your wedding registry, Bed Bath And Beyond registry checklist is a great place to start your brainstorming. The checklist is split into different sections and lists few recommended items from each of these sections. This is really just a very basic checklist to help you get started. Some of the sections and products include:

Fine Dining – for nice dinner parties with family and friends

Casual Dining –  usually sets for 2 people for every day use

Kitchen – different cookwear, pots and pans and knives

Bedding – everything you might need for you bedroom or guest room beds

Bath – Sheets, towels, rugs, cloths, mats, and so on, and so on…

Home and Travel – products for your home like vaccums or candels, or travel luggage

Need more insipration than that?



bed bath and beyond wedding registry inspiration

Bed Bath and Beyond put together a great collection from multiple departments for all your rooms and needs. This preselected collections are great start to your wedding registry and focus on areas like Home Spa or Sleeping in Luxury. 

Do you want to host a wine night once in a while? BBB has you covered with its selection of wine glasses, cheese board, openers and anything else you might need for such a night. We highly recommend going through these pre-selected collections, you might discover a lot of things you never knew you needed.

How to get started?

If you decided to use BBB as your wedding registry tool, just head to the Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry page and click on “Start Your Registry”.

Walmart wedding registry – 4 things we love and 4 we hate

Even though Walmart is the largest supermarket chain in the USA, many people don’t take advantage of their Wedding Registry. It does not really feel like Walmart is marketing it enough. Well in case you didn’t know about it, Walmart has one, so let’s have a look at all the features of wedding registry at Walmart

walmart wedding registry homepage

Wedding Registry At Walmart Benefits

1. Large e-commerce offer

Walmart has been investing heavily into it’s ecommerce business. There are thousands of sellers selling on Walmart, and the company is also selling its own products. So if you want a one-stop shopping experience, Walmart wedding registry is definitely something to consider. You can add literally anything to your registry. Things like bed sheets or cookware are something available anywhere. But do you need car chains? What about playstation? Ladder to your house? Well go for it, you are talking about Walmart.com. 

Wanna get even more exotic and weird? Then add bananas to your wedding registry. We are serious, you can add bananas, cucumbers or even eggs, just check the screenshot below.

Walmart wedding registry bananas


Of course we do not recommend anyone to add bananas to their wedding registry, just the idea of this being possible is pretty hilarious. But hey, if you really love bananas, go for it. We sure do!

2. Possibility to shop for registry in store

Similar to Wedding Registry At Target, Walmart allows for shopping for registry items in the actual store. You will not get the same advantage in Amazon wedding registry or any other online stores.

In Walmart, you can do 2 things in store:

walmart wedding registry instore
  1. Add items to your registry using a Walmart Mobile App – not only you can add items directly in the app, but you can actually walk around the store and scan items you see in the store using build in bar-code scanner. And then these items will be added to your registry right away. Pretty cool
  2. Your guests can shop for items in your registry in the store – this is a nice feature for people who prefer shopping in stores compared to online.

3. Next day shipping

Walmart is one of the few companies out there with the resources big enough to try to compete with Amazon. And this competition is bringing some fruit to us, customers and consumers. Thanks to the competition between these two giants, both of them are investing billions of dollars into its logistics operations and are trying to shorten the delivery time as much as possible. Who would guess 10 years ago that Walmart will have Next Day shipping? We would definitely not. But here we are, entering a new decade of 2020s, and Walmart offers Next Day Shipping in many locations across the whole USA. Take advantage of this in your wedding registry and have your items delivered in no-time.

4. Walmart Wedding Registry Checklist

Walmart wedding registry checklist

Do you need a checklist for your wedding registry shopping? Walmart offers a pretty long checklist for you to go through to make sure you did not forget anything important. The checklist is separated into multiple section, and each of the sections has a list of products you should think of. It is nice and extensive checklist, however not as good as the one on Wayfair Wedding Registry.

For example the “Cleaning & Laundry” section on the Walmart Registry Checklist includes items like:

  • Vacuums & Floor Care
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Trash & Recycling Bags
  • Air Purifiers
  • Laundry Organization
  • Irons and Ironing Boards
  • Humidifier
  • Garment Steamer

There is a similar list for all the other categories. The list of categories is as follows:

  • Cookware, Bakeware & Tools
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Dining & Entertaining
  • Bedding 
  • Bath
  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Home Decor
  • Travel
  • Outdoor Living

Definitely one of the better and more complete checklists out there. 

So those were the things we liked, however there are definitely things we do not like that much about Walmart Wedding Registry.

Things that we hate about Walmart Wedding Registry

1. No Completion discount

Completion discount is one of the main benefits of many other registries like Amazon wedding registry or Target wedding registry. Even Wayfair has completion discount. Usually it varies between 15% and 20%. It is a great way for the store to make the couple spend additional money with them right after the wedding, and a big motivator to sign up for some of the wedding registries. Well, Walmart is currently not advertising any discount like that. Nothing at all. And that is very unfortunate, since it is one of the best wedding registry benefits there could be.

2. No information about returns

Most wedding registries have extended warranty and return period for items purchased through the registry. Some of them up to 1 year return period if the item is still new and unopened. For newly married couple, this return period can be a life saver. Especially your guests buy you the same present twice. Or if you are moving and you no longer need this comfy chair anymore. Well with Walmart there is no such benefit. Since they don’t market any special warranty for wedding registry items, we must assume just a standard warranty applies which is 90 days for most products.

3. Lack of general information about registry

Sites like Macys Wedding Registry or Wayfair wedding registry have a very beautiful pages about their registries. They try to highlight the benefits and advantages of their registries. The pages are usually easy to ready, with nice pictures and designs. 

On Walmart.com, we find it very difficult to find detailed information about their wedding registry. There is really almost no information at all. No list of benefits, no return policy, no completion discount. It really is missing some basic information which are necessary for you to select your favorite registry. The homepage for the registry is pretty simple, with no links to any FAQs or details or benefits page. Could the reason be that there aren’t many benefits to using Walmarts registry? Who knows, maybe that’s it!

4. The inspiration pages are terrible on Walmart wedding registry 

This one is rather funny, and it will take us back to bananas. So Walmart claims that they give you access to the Top registered items in the “inspiration” menu. See the screenshot below.

Such a functionality would be great and could help you with your selection. Who wouldn’t want to know what are the most popular registry items before creating their own registry, right?

Let’s see what we get after clicking on the Top Registered Items link:

walmart wedding registry most popular items

So what do we have here? Bananas, cucumber, roma tomatoes and green bell peppers. Wow, Walmart must have the most health conscious engaged couples ever using their registry. Or maybe the link just doesn’t go to the most registered items at all? We are not 100% sure which one is right. We just secretly wish that banana is one of the most commonly wished items on Walmart wedding registry.