Coronavirus: 53 people arrested in South Africa, including bride and groom, for hosting a wedding during Coronavirus pandemic

coronavirus south africa wedding arrest
coronavirus south africa wedding arrest

This couple’s life together didn’t start a way they imagined it

Police in the city of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa received a anonymous tip that a wedding was happening despite strict quarantine order. In South Africa, all public gatherings are prohibited.

Among the arrested were all 50 guests, pastor and the newlyweds themselves, and taken to the police station nearby where they are awaiting their court date. 

This news broke out thanks to multiple twitter videos showing the incident, and spread across the whole globe instantly. It it not every day that you see bride and groom getting arrested on their wedding day. 

South Africa has currently over 2000 cases of Coronavirus, and 25 official deaths. The local administration however takes the threat serious and is enforcing strong restrictions. 

Neiman Marcus Wedding Registry Review

neiman marcus wedding registry benefits

One of the most luxurious chains in USA – Neiman Marcus Wedding Registry. Neiman Marcus was founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Currently it operates 42 locations across USA. It is one of the few department stores that still operates under its original name, more than 100 years after it was founded. If you wish to do some luxury bridal shopping, or add some luxury to your wedding registry and gift registry, Neiman Marcus is the place to go to, whether in-store or online. Let’s see what advantages their Wedding Registry and Gift Registry has. 

Wedding Registry At Neiman Marcus Benefits

1. Create a free wedding registry at Neiman Marcus, and get $100 off $400 purchase right away

Very easy way to immediately get $100 off your pre-wedding Neiman Marcus online purchase. All you need to do is open a free wedding registry, and Neiman Marcus will send your a promo code tied to your email address. You can then use this promo code immediately for any online purchase over $400. 

This is a great way to save some money on some luxurious wedding items you want to buy. For example wedding dress, wedding shoes or jewelry. And it is at the same time one of a kind promotion which we have not really seen on any other wedding registries. Not even other luxurious wedding registries like Bloomingdale’s will give you $100 discount just for opening a free gift registry account with them. 

The discount coupon does not apply to some categories like Gift Cards, fragrance, intimate apparel and others, so make sure you will add a valid item to your cart when applying this coupon. Excellent benefit of Neiman Marcus Wedding and Gift Registry. 

2. Free gift packaging for all the items shipped by Neiman Marcus

neiman marcus wedding registry gift packaging 3

In the checkout option of the gift purchase, you can request to receive the item beautifully packaged directly by Neiman Marcus. You can also request this service from the sales associate if you are shopping directly in the store. Your gift will be packaged in a signature box and topped with a luxurious silk bow, so all your gifts will arrive in style and fashion.

Warning, this only applies to items which are shipped directly by Neiman Marcus. If your gift will be shipped by one if its vendors, packaging is not guaranteed. 

Disclaimer: The Dog doesn’t come with the packaging

3. 10% Neiman Marcus Registry Completion Discount

Getting 10% off luxurious items which are left in your registry is a pretty sweet deal. However we have seen better, even in the luxurious space. For example, Bloomingdale’s wedding registry offers up to 20% registry completion discount. However, if you add the $100 benefit from the beginning of this post, opening a free wedding and gift registry account with Neiman Marcus is worth it and 10% off luxurious item is a nice benefit. 

4. 10% discount on Neiman Marcus catering or dine-in which can help you host the most exclusive bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or even bachelorette party!

Once you open a free registry with Neiman Marcus, you will receive email withing two weeks from Nieman Marcus Restaurant. This email will contain coupon for 10% discounts on Neiman Marcus restaurant catering and dine-in orders. You can actually use the discount multiple times – you can host a bachelorette party in the restaurant, and also order catering for your bridal shower. All coming with a nice 10% discount of your bill. 

Birde or Groom has to be present during the dining occasion, whether it is dine-in or catering services, and you will have to present your ID as a proof. This offer expires by your wedding date, so don’t plan on using it for after-party.

5. Personal Travel Designers who will curate any even you wish – proposal, honeymoon or destination wedding

Being the luxurious department store it is, Neiman Marcus wants to make sure you will get the most luxurious travel experience as well. That’s why they will offer you services of the NMG Wedding Travel Designers to plan and prepare the best travel experience of your lifetime. 

Whether you are planning on a special Proposal Event in a hot-air balloon. Or thinking about a trip around the world during your honeymoon. Neiman Marcus will take care of it. They can also help with organizing a perfect destination wedding. 

Here is list of advantages you get if you decide to go for this and use NMG Wedding Travel Designers for your wedding:

  • VIP upgrade in your destination locations, like Room upgrades, included breakfasts and welcome champagne in locations where these upgrades are available.
  • If you pay $250 consultation fee with your NMG store card, 100% of the fee will be applied towards the costs of travel arrangements.
  • If you pay $250 consultation fee with non-NMG credit card, 50% of this fee will be applied towards the costs of travel arrangements. 

6. Thank-you note online manager on

To make sure you thank all of your friends for buying a present for you, Neiman Marcus implemented their own thank-you note online manager. With this tool, you can focus on organizing your wedding, instead of keeping list of people you have to thank.

10 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas For Couples Living Together

couple living together wedding registry 2

The times are changing really fast and so are the wedding registries of couples getting married, since many of them already live together. This wasn’t always the case in the past. Wedding used to be the day when couples move in together, when they find their first house or apartment, and need to buy everything for it – furniture, plates, cups, bed, mattress, etc. But nowadays, more and more couples getting married have already been living together for many years. Either she moved to his place, or he to her place. Or they found a rental together few months/years into their relationships. But most couples getting married now have already been living together for multiple years, and so their wedding registry is going to look different than what it used to. 

Here are some amazing ideas for wedding registry for couples living together

Couples living together should upgrade their kitchen equipment using their wedding registry, their guests will be more than happy to help.

couple living together wedding registry juicer

Wedding is the time to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. And being able to create your own juices from fruit and vegetables every morning is something many of us dream of. Creating your own juice is much more healthier than buying juices from supermarkets – those are either from concentrates, or they are overprices. You can create your own juice for fraction of the price, and with any ingredients you want. It just needs little effort on your part, and that’s making sure you always have fresh veggies and fruits at home

couple living together wedding registry cast iron wok

We don’t want to recommend crockpots and instapots. All the popular wedding registry lists have those items. But we promise you, this Cast Iron Wok will change your life. It is 14″ wide and made out of 100% Cast Iron. Cast Iron is the best material for any stir fry dish, with the optimal heat distribution around the wok surface. There is no synthetic coatings or chemicals, so the cooking will always be 100% natural. And if you need, you can throw this baby into your oven as well. This piece of cookware will change your life. 

couple living together wedding registry coffee espresso 2

Too many coffee lovers depend on their work or on morning Starbucks runs to enjoy high-quality cup of coffee. Depending on Starbucks is just too expensive and you are wasting $5 a day/$25 a work week on that. Depending on your work means that you can’t enjoy good cup of coffee over the weekend.

You can change that by adding high-quality Espresso/coffee maker to your wedding registry list. For example this De’Longhi Bar Pump Espress is fairly affordable espresso machine, which makes excellent coffee. And you will pay just few cents for one, instead of $5. Add it to your Amazon Wedding registry now!

couple living together wedding registry wine cellar

You are not a real wine lover if you don’t have at least a tiny wine cooler at your home. This one holds 18 bottles of wine and keeps them at the perfect temperature for drinking all the time.  You can customize the temperature to your own tasting, especially if you have some very special bottles in your collection that you always like at certain temperature. The shelves are sturdy and slide-out style, so access to any bottle is very easy, and you don’t have to worry about breaking a bottle either. If you are living together, and both of you are wine lovers, you are going to need one of these on your wedding registry. 

Have you been living together, but always delayed turning your home to a smart home? Check these ideas for smart home for a wedding registry for couples living together

One of the most important decision you need to make early in the smart home improvement is whether you are going to be loyal to one of the giants in the market right now – Amazon Alexa or Google Home (Google Assistant). Or whether you will try to purchase all your devices compatible with both of these systems, to allow for more flexibility.

Both Amazon and Google are investing billions of dollars in the smart home and smart speakers industry. Amazon is crushing it with it’s Echo models and Amazon Alexa, and it looks like they are the leader in the smart home business right now. Google is however a great competitor with their Home line of products. We are not going to give you recommendation on which system to choose. You need to make this choice based on your own preferences. Just keep in mind, that most of Echo models are not compatible with Google Assistant, and most of Google Home models are not compatible with Alexa. There are however smart speakers compatible with both, like Sonos One for example. Those speakers can handle both, Google and Amazon smart assistants. And there is a variety of other items like bulbs or smart plugs which are compatible with both as well. 

couple living together wedding registry philips hue

The easiest thing to implement in your first smart home is definitely the lighting. No extensive research is needed. All you really need are plugs which are enabled for smart control, and Philips is the leader in this space with their HUE line. This set comes with 3 bulbs and a hub. It is compatible with your Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well. Thanks to this compatibility, the lights are enabled for voice control as well. The are really no limits on what you can do with these lights. You can program them to turn on at certain schedules, control their intensity, color or control them with your phone. These bulbs have 16 million colors to choose from, so there is really no color missing. Excellent add to wedding registry for couples living together. 

couple living together wedding registry smart plugs

Smart plugs are another easy addition to turn your home into smart home, and they are very easy to install and set up. Finally, after all these years living together, you will be able to program your Christmas tree to light up automatically when you get home from work. Or you can light it up by simple “Alexa, play despacito and turn on my Christmas tree lights”. Compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Assistant and even Microsoft Cortana, these plugs can do it all. 

couple living together wedding registry smart lock

Smart locks can make your life much much easier. Imaging walking to your home with hands full with shopping bags full of groceries. And now imagine that you don’t have to try to look for your house key, you just approach your home and the lock unlocks itself. There is no way to lock your self out of your home, you will never forget your keys. Smart locks are one of the things which we love the most, because of how much it can improve your life.

Use your wedding registry to fancy-up your appliances to make your life together easier, cleaner and healthier

couple living together wedding registry air purified honeywell HPA300

With the recent Coronavirus events happening and thousands of people around the world dying, air quality has never been a more important issue. Many people live in dusty homes without good air quality. That can happen due to proximity of busy road or freeway, or by having a pet that sheds a lot, or many other reasons. 

This Honeywell HPA300 Air purifier has a true HEPA filters, that captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles. It has 3 levels of setting for different speeds and can clean all the air in your room 5 times per hour.


Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about air purifiers out there. And often the most popular and best sellers out there are performing very poorly – it is just a great marketing and cheap price. That is why we recommend following trustworthy reviews like Consumer Reports. And for that reason we recommend Honeywell HPA300 air purifier, which always got excellent professional reviews, and you can rely on having clean air in your home. 

couple living together wedding registry dyson vacuum

Cordless Vacuums are going to turn your cleaning into high-tech experience. The Dyson Cyclon V10 has more power than your standard vacuum, and can last up to 40 minutes of cord-free use. If you are lazy to clean your pets fur because getting your vacuum out of closet and finding the nearest plug is just too much hassle, we promise you that this cordless vacuum will make you want to clean any piece of dirt right away. 

You can hang it in the closet, kitchen, garage, or anywhere close to a electric outlet, and your Dyson will be there always ready for you charged. 

10 Fantastic Benefits of Bloomingdale’s wedding registry

Bloomingdale’s wedding registry is your ticket to a luxurious home and life after the wedding. Most people don’t know that Bloomingdale’s is one of the oldest department stores in the country – founded in 1861. It joined with Macy’s in 1994. There are 38 stores with Bloomingdale’s logo on the front. And as the other stores, Bloomingdale’s relies also on its online store, where you can create your ultimate weddnig registry. 

Wedding Registry At Bloomingdale’s Benefits

1. Bloomingdale’s is the most luxurious and exclusive wedding registry out there

bloomingdale's wedding registry 2

This is what Bloomingdale’s is well known for, and it has to be on top of the list of its wedding registry benefits. Nowhere else you will find such a wide collection of high-end items like furniture, silverware, home decor and accessories. 

You can be sure that there will be no 3rd party seller trying to sell you overpriced cheap items from China. You don’t have to read through hundreds of reviews before making sure it is safe to add some specific item to your registry. 

2. Free wedding registry gift just by adding items to your registry

This might be a time limited offer, so we do not guarantee it is going to work at the time of your registration. However right now you can get a free $80 gift, Le Creuset salt & pepper mill set, just by adding $500 worth of Le Creuset items to your registry. There is no other condition. Your wedding guests and friends don’t have to purchase these items from your Bloomingdale’s wedding registry, you only need to add it there. After you add it there, you need to fill in a redemption form, send it, and your free gift will be send to you. A very nice welcome present from Le Creuset and Bloomingdale’s for your wedding day. 

3. 20% discount on dresses, suiting and more even before your wedding

wedding registry completion discount

Most registries give you only completion discount for items that are left in your registry after the wedding. The one exception is Macy’s wedding registry, which is offering also discounts before the wedding. Since Bloomingdale’s is part of the Macy’s family, it looks like this strategy is working for them well.

It is definitely a great way for the store to get your business even your wedding day, and you can get high quality suits and wedding dresses for significant discount. This discount would be also a great way to save on bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits

4.Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 20% completion discount 

Everyone loves completion discounts and they are an important part of the wedding registry business. With Bloomingdale’s wedding registry, you get 20% off everything left in your registry. You have up to 6 months to redeem this discount and purchased leftover items. Great way to save some extra $$$. 

5. Many bonus gift options

bloomingdales wedding registry free gifts 2

In addition to completely free gift already mentioned above, Bloomingdale’s gives you the opportunity to earn free gift if your wedding registry purchases reach a certain value for a specific brand. 

For example, if your guests and friends make $329.99 or more purchases of Kitchen Aid products, you will receive a citrus juicer attachment for free.

If you are after more luxurious kitchen goods, completing $1200 in purchases of Juliska brand will get you a free Ceramic Serving bowl.

There is currently 25 offers like this, so think hard what products to add to your registry so you can receive some of these free Bloomingdale’s gifts. 

6. In-store wedding and beauty focused event 

Where Bloomingdale’s really shines is the variety of in-store events which will help you get in the wedding mood. Most stores which have these kind of event limit them to just wedding registry overview events, or wedding planning events. Bloomingdale’s however has all variety of event, which are focused on general beauty and grooming as well. Here is a short summary of what in-store events at Bloomingdale’s can help you get into your wedding mood:

  • One-on-one meeting with stylists: The meeting with your own personal stylist is free of charge, and you will get amazing advice on perfect look for any important event. Whether you need help with your wedding dress, or wedding reception dress, bridesmaids outfit, or engagement party outfit. Bloomingdale’s stylists can do it all. The stylists will help you also with shoe selection and if needed even jewelry and accessories selection to match the rest of the outfit. 
  • Beauty services: Get free and paid beauty services through appointment booking. The Bloomingdale’s team of professional will give you free makeup application for your special event. You can also learn the most recent beauty trends and learn how to apply makeup properly from the real professionals. Other beauty benefits include skincare consultations, or you can pick from a list of restorative mini-facial treatments or recharging spa treatments. 
  • Bra fittings: Many people don’t realize how hard it is to get the right comfortable bra for your wedding. Enjoy a 15 minutes complimentary bra fitting session where Bloomingdale’s will help you properly measure and determine the perfect bra size for you. 
  • Alteration and tailoring: Whether for the bride, the groom, or the whole wedding party. Many Bloomingdale’s locations offer alteration and tailoring services to your dresses and suits. Perfect to use it before your wedding or other occasion
  • Made to measure: As one of the few stores in our wedding registry reviews, Bloomingdale’s actually offers made to measure suits. They will create the perfect wedding suit for the groom. You are getting married only once in your life, so why not have the perfect suit for the occasion?
  • Other store specific events: In addition to these standard services and events, some stores organize specific events. To get the list of wedding events for your store, find your local Bloomingdale’s on the store locator page.


7. Amazing Registry 101 guide

A lot of registries have their own guides, but nothing comes even close to the Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 101 guide. The beauty of this guide is that it explains exactly what you need for a complete dining set in a nice infographic, separated into different sections. And right below each infographics, you have a BROWSE NOW button which will take you to the product selection. 

For example this is their guide to place settings:

bloomingdale's wedding registry place settingss

Really a great way to explain all you need if you want to host a formal dinner at your house. And you can make sure that you will add all the missing items to your wedding registry afterwards. 

Another one is for Cutlery:

bloomingdale's wedding registry cutlery

If you ever worry that you don’t have all the knives you need in your kitchen, thanks to Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 101 you will get all the information you need and you can add all the missing pieces to your registry. 

For fancy drink lovers, bartender, mixologists and cocktail masters, Bloomingdale’s put together a barware 101 infographics too:

bloomingdales wedding registry barware

We are not even sure Barware is a word. But we definitely know a lot of people who would love to see all the different kinds of glasses and tools. 

And lastly, there is something also for the wine lovers in the Bloomingdale’s wedding registry 101. Continuing the tradition of well-thought names, here is the stemware collection:

Bloomingdale's wedding registry stemware

This is for the real wine lovers, who know the difference between good and bad wines. If you wish to drink your wine always from the perfectly shaped glass, follow this Stemware 101 guide and make sure you add all the missing pieces into your wedding registry. 

8. Dedicated Registry Consultants

If you need a help from professional, Bloomingdale’s will assign you a dedicated Registry Consultant. The consultant will guide you through each step of the wedding registry creation process, and will help you select the most appropriate items for you as a couple. Get ready for some personalized support. 

9. & 10. Bloomingdale’s Thank You Card manager and printable checklist

bloomingdale's wedding registry thank you card manager

The last 2 items on our list are helpful organizational tools that you can use with Bloomingdale’s. Easy to use Thank You Card manager will make sure that you will thank all the guests that bought you a present appropriately. It very straightforward to use it, just pick up a design, write a Thank You Note, and send. 


Printable checklist is a very simple but nice edition. It is not the best checklist we have seen out there, but helpful if you want to make sure you don’t forget about anything at all. It is nice that it’s formatted to be easily printable, so you can have it on hand in store. 

11 Creative Etsy wedding registry ideas

Etsy has its own wedding registry pages and you can create your own Etsy wedding registry on the registration page. 

Etsy is probably the most creative store out there. The sellers on Etsy have products no other store has, that’s why opening wedding registry there is a great idea. Registration is very simple and takes just few seconds, and of course it is completely free to open Etsy wedding registry.

And even-though the registry doesn’t have advanced and fancy features like Macy’s or Amazon wedding registries, the variety of products on Etsy is worth opening one. 

Etsy Wedding Registry Ideas list

As in all our ideas lists, like World Market registry ideas and Lowe’s wedding registry ideas, we are going to focus our suggestion list on unique items. We will skip standard sets of bowls, bedding sheets or crock-pots and pans. Let’s have a look and the most creative wedding registry items on Etsy. 

etsy wedding registry ideas wine rack

This amazing rustic wine rack is a great addition to any room and to any Etsy wedding registry. It is a wine rack and a piece of art in one, and it will definitely be a conversation starter with all your guests. 

Rack is made out of dark English Chestnut wood. The wine holders are from handcrafted steel. Must have if you are a wine lover or wine collector, and want to have a bottle of one handy at all times.

The rack is approximately 36″ high x 8″ wide and 7″ deep, and has over 700 5 stars reviews. Really everyone who bought this on Etsy loves the rack. 100% money back guarantee seals the deal. 

etsy wedding registry ideas mail box

If your wedding means also moving to a new home, this unique mailbox is a great welcoming gift. It comes personalized with your street number, and you can also pick the color of the numbers and the actual mail-box. 

The package includes cedar base wood unit, leveling template, steel mounting posts, 4 numbers and a metal box. Some options are for additional price, that’s why the $285+ tag.

Great addition to your Etsy wedding registry.

etsy wedding registry ideas table lamp

This piece of steampunk lighting will decorate any room it is placed in and gain a lot of attention from all your guests. Inspired by old farmhouse oil-lamps, this modernized lamp will always set the right mood.

It might look old-fashioned, but has some modern features, since it has a full range of dimming options. 

You can pick 5 different colors of the dimmer sockets, and 3 colors of wood base finish, to make sure it matches the rest of your furniture. 


High quality large cutting board is the base of good kitchen experience. So why not to add to your Etsy wedding registry one with your names and wedding date on it?

This cutting board is highly customizable. 

Comes in 3 different colors:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
And also 3 different sizes:
  • 12″ x 9″
  • 16″ x 10″
  • 18″ x 12″
You can also add different add-ons, like Cutting board stand, cutting board oil and gift box. So really high number of variations and customization, as we are used from Etsy already. 
The writing on the board will be you and your SOs names, your new last name, and the date of your wedding. 6000 positive reviews on Etsy and counting, you can’t miss this one!
etsy wedding registry ideas crawfish table top

Have you always dreamt about preparing delicous crawsfish right in your backyard? This crawfish table top can make this dream come true. All you need to do is add it to your Etsy wedding registry. 

This table is a perfect tool for cooking any crab, lobster, clams but even regular BBQ. It sits four people and has several cool features like drinks holders, condiment holders and paper towel holder. It even has bungee ropes so you can attach trash bags right to the table, to keep your dining experience clean

etsy wedding registry ideas rustic candle holders

These adorable candle holders will turn your living room into the coziest place on Earth. The candles inside are battery operated. 100% handmade in USA, and so none of these will be identical, they will always have slight uniqueness to them.

The rustic candle holders some in the set of 2. Approximate height is 14.5 ” and width is 7.5″. The jars are included in the set, so no need to buy those separately. 

Over 1800 reviews on Etsy, with 5 star average rating. 


If you are getting married, chances are you are expecting a baby as well, or you just had one. If that is the case, it would be smart to add some baby items to your Etsy wedding registry. 

And since we are talking Etsy, we are talking about the most creative items out there of course. Liek this personalized baby blanket with knotted hat. 

You can choose from 3 different materials: Fleece, Minky Style or Plush. And also 2 different sizes: Small ( 30″ x 40″) or Large (50″ x 60″).

Another super creative idea from Etsy sellers.

If you wedding means that you are also moving together, then you should get something to remember that this was your first home. 

There is no better way to do it than with this home made customized “Our First Home” sign. 


It will not only show your address, but also the exact coordinates of your home. Sign is approximately 24″ x 7″ and will feel the best above your fireplace. It is made of Dark Walnut. With over 1700 reviews averaging 5 stars on Etsy, you can’t go wrong with this sign. 

etsy wedding registry ideas decanter set

For all the whisky and other liquor lovers, Etsy has this amazingly looking decanter set just waiting to be added to your wedding gift registry. 

The main item is beautiful globe shaped decanter with a glass ship inside of it. This decanter will be center of attention of any party for sure. And it will make your whisky taste better thanks to the oxidation of your liquor. 

In addition to the decanter, you get 2 whisky glasses. The glasses can be personalized with the initials of your names. Fantastic gift. 


etsy wedding registry ideas floor lamp 2

If you are like us at, you are having a hard time picking up a unique good looking modern lamp from store like Ikea or Home Depot. And that is why we just love Etsy. The selection of good looking creative lamps on Etsy is just amazing. 

One of the most beautiful lamps that we have ever seen is this tube shaped lamp from plywood. 

Lamp comes in 6 different colors, and starts at around $170. It is 47″ tall and the diameter is 7″. 

The plywood is already colored with wood stain and also oiled, so you can expect long life with this beautiful piece of furniture. 

etsy wedding registry ideas moroccan rug

This magic carpet is actually really hand made in Morocco and will be shipped to you all the way to USA, or anywhere else you want to. 

It is made by Azilal tribe, which is a tribe living in Atlas Mountains. Shoppers love rugs from this Etsy seller. The average rating is 5 starts.

This specific rug is 10.1 ft long and 3.11 ft wide. The seller has many more rugs for sale on Etsy, check them out here: Rugs Of Marrakech


Lowe’s Wedding Registry Ideas

Lowe’s doesn’t really have its own wedding registry, but you can always add products from any of your popular stores to universal registry function on your Amazon Wedding Registry.

And since Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement and DIY stores in USA, it would be a shame to not check their huge selection when building your wedding registry. 

Lowe’s Registry Ideas list

Wedding is the most important day of your life and for many of you it is also the time of moving together with your SO, or just moving to a newer, nicer and bigger place. That’s why our suggestions are more focused on rather stylish and interesting pieces, rather than boring plates and instapots. 

lowes wedding registry decorative trunks

Everyone needs more storage now. So why not make your store stylish and useful. These decorative drunks can be really placed anywhere, in any room. You can use them for your shoes, dog equipment, winter boots, or anything else that needs a home. 

These comes in a set of two, one large and one small. Both of them also feature nice metal details to make them even more appealing. The trunks are made of bamboo. 


lowes wedding registry fountain

If you are after a very unique decoration piece, and you like water fountains, take a look at this 43 in. tall water fountain. Beautiful potter pitcher design gives it ancient look, but LED lights bring in modern touch. 

You can hear the water cascading from one pitcher to another, and the 4 LED lights illuminate the water for viewing pleasure. Great addition to your Lowe’s wedding registry list. 

Here are some specifications:

  • Material: Polyresin
  • Dimensions (in): 43 (H) x 17 (W) x 18 (D)
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • LED lights: 4
  • Bulbs included: Yes
lowes wedding registry barn door

Barn doors are becoming increasingly popular for regular indoor use due to it’s ease of use, appealing image and space saving benefits. It is just so much easier to slide the door instead of closing it old-school style. And when the door is open, it doesn’t really take any space compared to regular doors, which cover your room corner.  They are also very popular for closets. 

These doors is a full kit, so it comes with all the hardware needed for installation like the track and wooden backer. 

Many people don’t realize the beautiful feeling of warm towel after having a shower because they never had one of these. Why not chaning that and adding towel warmer to your Lowe’s wedding registry. 

This specific towel warmer is very easy to install, no special equipment needed. 

You deserve the luxury of having warm towel and robe after your shower, get one now. 

lowes wedding registry bathroom sink

New husband = new house = new sink. Easy steps. 

Not seriously, this Sandstone sink would be get you hundreds of compliments in your guests bathroom. 

It has a nice elegant shape and it is just a piece of art. Sink comes with drain and faucet, so it is a complete set that just matches perfectly together. Not a shabby wedding registry addition, what do you think?



lowes wedding registry aerogarden

What about having always fresh herbs ready when you need them? Or growing your own vegetables for the most delicious weekend breakfast on your patio?

If you always wanted to grow your own food, but never had a space for it, these LED Hydroponic Systems can make your wish come true. 

With this specific model, you can grow up to 3 different plants at the same time, and you don’t even need any soil for it.


Grow veggies, salads, herbs or even flowers directly in your kitchen, and have the freshest ingredients always on end. Perfect addition to Lowe’s wedding registry. The unit already comes with 3 different herbs when you buy it: Basil, Parsley and Dill. So you can start growing fresh herbs right away. 

8 Unique World Market Registry Ideas

(Cost Plus) World Market is a popular California based specialty store. It offers products from multiple categories like furniture, decor, coffee or specialty wine and beer. And although World Market doesn’t have it’s own wedding registry like for example the Wayfair Wedding Registry, you can add World Market registry ideas products through the universal registry function on your Amazon Wedding Registry account. the

Interestingly, the original name of World Market was Cost Plus. It literally stood for the store applying 10% to the cost of the products. So you were aware how much margin the store is earning on the products they sell you. This practice was however abandoned since then.

World Market Registry Ideas list

In our World Market registry recommendations list, we are going to skip standard items like sets of plates and bowls or bedding sheets. This list is to show unique items that not many stores carry, and that is where World Market really shines.

wolrd market registry rug

This is a high-end handcrafted rug made out of cotton and wool. A rug like this will easily become the centerpiece of any room you want to place it in. Perfect high quality rug for your living room or dining room, and your perfect first rug when you move in together. 

The rug comes in two different dimensions:

  • 4’W x 6’L
  • 5’W x 8’L
The smaller one weights 7.5 lbs while the larger one almost 12 lbs. 

This amazing rug is handwoven in India.

wolrd market registry wood mirror

Another unique handmade item, this time coming from Indonesia. This mirror is just amazing piece of art and if you like natural decoration, it shouldn’t be missing from your world market registry list. 

2 massive teak wood pillars on the side of the mirror with the glass in-between. The best place for this item would be somewhere where all your visitors can see it, like a living room. 


24″W x 1.5″D x 39″H, 57.2lbs


wolrd market registry cork lamp

If you like modern design, but natural colors and materials, this lamp is an excellent choice. 

The shade is made out of natural cork, giving it a very warm look. This lamp would be perfect over a dining table, and will make your open space dinning/living room space look very modern and fashionable. 

Inside the lamp you can place 3 bulbs, up to 100W. These are not included, so you have to get those separately. 

The lamp also has high, medium and low light settings, so you can adjust the strength based on your needs. 


Do you need an electric kettle to match your new cork lamp? Don’t look too far. World Market has just the perfect kettle for your wedding registry. 

This designer piece is in a fabulous matte black color and is made out of stainless steel. It features an ergonomic cork handle, thanks to which your pours will be more precise and stylish than ever before. 


world market registry picnic basket
world market registry picnic basket 2

This is definitely the most beautiful and advanced cute picnic basket we have ever seen. Yes, it is on the pricier side, but this is your wedding, and why not spending some extra money for the best picnic dates going forward. 

The price is however pretty justified, since the basket comes with all the equipment you can see on the picture:

  • 2 x 8″ porcelain plates
  • 2 x 7-oz wine glasses
  • 2 x stainless steel spoons, forks and knives
  • Corkscrew
  • Salt & Pepper shareks
  • Cheese knife
  • Cutting board
  • Food container
  • 60″ x 50: picnic blanket which is has water-resistant lining and made out of cotton

I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS? Is there anything this World Market Picnic Basket doesn’t have? This is amazing wedding registry addition, or just a great wedding gift idea. 

At the first sight, you might be asking yourself “what the hell is this thing?”. This blue fish is actually a pizza oven. Best used outdoors to bake pizzas using dry wood. Perfect for couples who like to host BBQ or other parties in their backyard. 

This beauty is 49 lbs. Interior is 17″ wide, so that’s about the max size of pizza you can bake in this blue fish from the World Market. 


world market registry ivory planter 1
world market registry ivory planter 2

A must have in your new home if you are a plant lover and want to make your home green and fresh. This Ivory planter has a fancy looking gold stand. Perfect centerpiece to any living room or bedroom. Plants in this planter will just look better than they ever did before. 

World Market Coffee Selection

world market registry coffee 1
world market registry coffee 2
world market registry coffee 3

Top gift recommendation for all the coffee lovers. One thing that the World Market is definitely known for it’s their own coffee selection. These are made and roasted specifically for the World Market and received hundreds of positive reviews all around USA. You can choose from up to 8 different flavors of World Market Coffee for your registry:

  • Breakfast Blend
  • Toasted Hazelnut
  • Salted Caramel
  • Italian Roast
  • Italian Decaf
  • Texas Turtle
  • Texas Turtle Decaf
  • French Roast

All of these have unique flavor, the Salted Caramel is definitely our favorite one. 

JC Penny Wedding Registry is closed

JCPenny, a very popular department store, is currently redesigning and rebuilding their wedding registry. We will make sure we have a review for you ready as soon as JCPenny wedding registry is reopened. 

In the meantime, make sure you visit our reviews of other popular wedding registries:

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Top 5 locations for Bachelorette Party in Mexico

If you are organizing a bachelorette party for the future bride, one of the most important decisions to make is a location. Having a bachelorette party has become a traditional part of wedding activities now. Destination bachelorette parties in Mexico has been one of the most popular due to its affordability and proximity. From some US cities, it just takes a few hours flight to get to popular beach mexican destinations. And the flights are usually pretty affordable, sometimes costing under $300 return flights. Let’s have a look at the top destination for Mexico bachelorette party.

Bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico 

One of the most popular west coast beach towns lies at the very south of Baja California peninsula. This place is known as Cabo or Cabo San Lucas, and it is a top spot for people from Los Angeles or San Diego. It is a great location for a bachelorette party in Mexico thanks to the multiple activities this place offers.

bachelorette party mexico cabo

How far is Cabo San Lucas?

To find out all the flight options for your bachelorette party in Cabo, search for flights to Los Cabos International airport – SJD. This is the most popular international airport in the area and is served by many American airlines like Alaska, Southwest or United. 

There is also Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL). However this one is used mostly by local airlines or for private flights. So don’t waste your time trying to find affordable flight here.


FromFlight time
Atlanta (ATL)3h 50min
Chicago (ORD)4h 15min
Denver (DEN)3h 00min
Houston (IAH)2h 30min
Los Angeles (LAX)2h 30min
Minneapolis (MSP)4h 00min
New York (EWR)4h 50min
Phoenix (PHX)2h 07min
Portland (PDX)4h 10min
Sacramento (SMF)3h 20min
Salt Lake City (SLC)3h 07min
San Francisco (SFO)3h 20min
Seattle (SEA)4h 35min

So as you can see, it can take only 3-5 hours to get to Cabo Mexico for your bachelorette party. That’s the same as trying to drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara on Friday afternoon. With flight prices being at an all time low now, Cabo is a great option

Activities and what to do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

One of the things that Cabo is famous for is all the different activities you can do in the area. So let’s have a look at all the things you can do during this Mexican bachelorette party. 

Whale Watching – Thanks to being right at the Pacific Ocean shore, Cabo offers multiple ocean activities. One of the ones we recommend for a bachelorette party is whale watching. Starting at around $90 per person, the whale watching tours usually take around 3 hours. The best time to go whale watching on your Cabo Bachelorette party is between December and April, when the population of whales are the highest.

ATV tours – Thanks to miles and miles of beaches, Cabo is a good spot for ATV adventure as well. Starting at around $80, the ATV tours take 3 to 7 hours. It all depends on whether you want a whole day trip, or just a few hours of adventure, and of course how much you want to spend. Amazing activity for all the bridesmaids.

Snorkeling – For snorkeling, you have 2 main choices. It all depends on how high on a priority list snorkeling is for you and for the rest of the bachelorette party. Santa Maria bay is a local beach, a few minutes drive from the majority of the hotels. This is an easy and relaxing short trip, which shouldn’t take you more than a few hours. On the other hand, if you want to see something really amazing, do some research on the Cabo Pulmo reserve. Cabo Pulmo is located several hours north-west of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, it is one of the most amazing snorkeling experiences in the world. Cabo Pulmo is a national park, a marine preserve, where fishing is prohibited. For this reason, there are hundreds of schools of fish that you will see during your snorkeling trip. This is a whole day activity, so it is perfect for a bride which is really into snorkeling or diving, and who wants to spend the whole day of her bachelorette party on a snorkeling trip.

Boat rides to the famous Arch – The Arch, or El Arco, is a famous set of cliffs just a short boat ride away from Cabo San Lucas. This is a must see attraction if you are in the area. You can either just take a short and cheap ride for around $30 there and back, and take a few pictures. Or you can do the famous Mexican arch bachelorette party style – rent a luxurious yacht for your whole group, and enjoy drinks while cruising around the coast of Cabo. Of course such an experience comes with a sticker, but this could be an unforgettable experience with the future bride.

Ziplining – there are multiple Ziplining experiences to choose from in the cabo area during your bachelorette party. Starting at around $100, this few hours long activity will get your adrenaline pumping. Highly recommended for adventurous bachelorette parties.

Horseback riding – Thanks to miles long beaches, and sunsets over the ocean, horseback riding is one of the most popular evening activities in Cabo. Or you can decide to do horseback riding tour through canyons and rocks, and see coyotes and other wild animals. This activity is perfect for bachelorette parties that want something less thrilling than zipline, but don’t want to spend the whole day lying on the beach with drinks.

Bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is another pacific coast beach town, known for great beaches, nightlife, seafood and a world-known promenade. It is an excellent bachelorette party choice due to its proximity to the USA and safety. 

bachelorette party mexico puerto vallarta

Location and how to get here

To get to Puerto Vallarta, you need to search for flights to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, also known as Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International airport – PVT. The best international routes from this airport are Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas. But there are other US cities with direct flights as well. 


FromFlight time
Atlanta (ATL)3h 45min
Chicago (ORD)4h 13min
Dallas (DFW)2h 35min
Denver (DEN)5h 25min
Houston (IAH)2h 28min
Los Angeles (LAX)3h 05min
New York (EWR)5h 16min
Phoenix (PHX)2h 34min
Portland (PDX)4h 53min
Salt Lake City (SLC)3h 30min
San Francisco (SFO)3h 50min
Seattle (SEA)4h 50min

As you can see, from the West Coast, Puerto Vallarta is around 20-30 minutes further than Cabo. But from Atlanta is actually a few minutes closer. It is still a very reasonable distance from many US cities for your mexican bachelorette party trip.

Activities and what to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Food Tour – compared to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta has much more diverse Mexican cuisine to offer during your bachelorette party. There are many many local restaurants, and also local guided tours that can show you the best out there. Most of the tours are 3-4 hours long. Definitely much nicer experience than just a glass of wine at your hotel with all the bridesmaids and the bride. Food tours are fun activities and perfect for larger groups of friends. 

All the ocean activities you can think of – do you like diving, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching or just sailing? Or do you wish to experience any of these activities with the group of your closest friends? Then Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a perfect place to have your bachelorette party. The ocean around the town is full of life, and it is fairly easy to book any of the above mentioned activities. You will have to choose which one it is going to be, and how much you are willing to spend for it.

Yelapa and Cuale Waterfall tour – these amazing waterfalls are located just about an hour south of Puerto Vallarta. If you want to combine your bachelorette party with a little bit of nature and hiking, these are the perfect option for your group. In addition to seeing waterfalls, you get to visit a small locat beach town Bahia De Banderas. Much smaller than Puerto Vallarta, but with a lot of charisma, local restaurants and almost private beach.

Skydiving, ATVs, Ziplines – since the town is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, there are other activities to choose from. If you are a group of girls who like adrenaline and fun, then you can choose between skydiving, ziplining or ATV tours. Or why not all three of them, right?

Hit the beach and promenade – Puerto Vallarta is famous for its promenade, also called Malecon. This part of the city’s downtown area is a must-visit attraction for anyone in the city. Not only you will be blessed with amazing ocean views, but you can visit many local restaurants for a delicious margarita as well. 

Bachelorette party in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the most eastern town on the Mexico mainland. It is famous for its super long stretch of beaches full of all inclusive hotels. Thanks to its proximity to the US east coast, it is visited with many tourists all year around. If you are looking for a bachelorette party spent on the beach, in the warm ocean and drink in your hand, this is the place to go. 

Location and how to get to Cancun

For the eastern part of the USA, Cancun is very very close and easy to get to. The Cancun International Airport (CUN) is the one you want to fly to. Here are the flight time to the most common cities:


FromFlight time
Atlanta (ATL)2h 33min
Austin (AUS)2h 48min
Chicago (ORD)4h 00min
Cleveland (CLE)3h 45min
Dallas (DFW)3h 00min
Denver (DEN)4h 35min
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)1h 50min
Houston (IAH)2h 42min
Los Angeles (LAX)5h 10min
Miami (MIA)1h 45min
New York (EWR)3h 55min
Orlando (MCO)2h 00min
Philadelphia (PHL)3h 41min
Phoenix (PHX)4h 40min
Salt Lake City (SLC)4h 56min
San Francisco (SFO)5h 53min
Washington (BWI)3h 31min

Activities and what to do in Cancun, Mexico

Enjoy the all-inclusive hotel and beautiful beachOne thing that Cancun is really well known it’s the white sand long beach, where you can sip your all-inclusive mojito. Thanks to being so close to carribean, the ocean water is really warm and relaxing. And most of the hotels have their bars right at the beach, just a few feet from the ocean. So if your idea of a bachelorette party is to relax, lay in hammock, hold a drink in your hand, then Cancun is the place for you and your bridesmaids.

Enjoy the wild exotic  nightlife on the beach strip – After relaxing on the beach with your girls for the whole day, it is time for some night action. That’s because Cancun’s nightlife is like no other beach. All the famous nightlife bars and restaurants are located in the north part of the hotel zone, also called Zona Hotelera. Many of the popular clubs have lines outside, so get there early or try to make a reservation. One place you don’t want to miss? Coco Bongo

Have a day full of fun at Xcaret adventure parkXcaret is located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen and it is just a giant nature and adventure park with many activities in one organized area. There are over 50 attractions in the park, that include cave swimming in underground rivers, wine tasting in wine cellars, butterfly pavilion or coral reef aquarium. If you want your bachelorette party in mexico to be slightly adventurous, but you don’t want to go diving or travel far for ATVs and Ziplines, Xcaret can offer many activities right next to each other. 

Day trip to Isla MujeresThis beautiful island with Caribbean like waters is just 13 km (less than 10 miles) off the Cancun coast. There are multiple tours and agencies doing daily trips to the island. So if you want to surprise the future bride with a yacht trip to this amazing island and sip drinks with other bridesmaids on the way there, Isla Mujeres is a perfect spot for your bachelorette party. 

Take a day trip to nearby historical ruinsIf your bachelorette party group is into history and culture rather than beach and drinks, there are 2 main locations that you can take a day trip to from Cancun – Tulum and Chichen Itza. You can book a tour from multiple agencies to any of these amazing ruins. We recommend this only if you have an extra day to spare during your trip, or only if it was a longtime bride’s dream to visit one of these locations.

Bachelorette party in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Just around 40miles south of Cancun is Playa Del Carmen, another mexican beach town with beautiful beaches and plenty of things to do. Playa Del Carmen is situated between Cancun and Tulum, so you can do plenty of similar activities which we will just summarize in the “What to do” section. 

Location and how to get here

To get to Playa Del Carmen, you will need to fly to Cancun and take a shuttle from there. So please refer to the flight times to the Cancun airport above. The shuttle takes around 1h 30min, but add some loading/unloading time and wait time as well. So it will take you around 2h 30min to get to Playa Del Carmen from the time you land in Cancun. This beach town is also the entrance to Cozumel island, since all the ferries and boats to Cozumel are leaving actually from Playa Del Carmen. 

Activities and what to do in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Xcaret, Tulum and Chichen Itza – all these attractions are accessible from both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. So you can do both during your bachelorette party in mexico, no matter where you are staying. 

Shopping and Nightlife – this is what bachelorette parties are about, right? And Playa Del Carmen is famous for its shopping options for Americans. The famous “AKA LA QUINTA” or 5th Avenue, is a 3 miles long shopping strip pedestrian walkway and is getting longer and longer every year. Aka La Quinta is full of fashion and other stores, and of course restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is running parallel to the beach, only one block away from it, so if you want to get your feet wet in the middle of your bachelorette party shopping spree, Playa Del Carmen is the place to visit. You can find a lot of flea market stores, with local arts and crafts and other cheaper items. But as one of the few places in our list selection, Playa Del Carmen offers high end department and brand stores as well. So if you want to bring a piece of luxury home, or a sexy Victoria Secret underwear, Playa Del Carmen is the place to go. 

Snorkeling and scuba diving – Playa Del Carmen is very close to one of the biggest barrier reefs in the world and so there is no shortage of different snorkeling or diving trips offered in the city. Expect to spend half to a whole day on such a trip.

Day Trip to CozumelCozumel is a small island off the coast near Playa Del Carmen. Almost all the ferries and boats heading to Cozumel are leaving from Playa Del Carmen, so if your goal is to visit this island, then staying here makes the most sense. 

Cave Exploring in Rio Secreto – To get away from the hotels and drinks, you can go on a tour of Rio Secreto. This river is connected through multiple caves, and tours will take you on a hiking/swimming excursion through these caves. For adventurous bachelorettes only!

Check out out wedding terms section to be ready for your perfect wedding. 

Wedding Terms – The complete wedding terminology

All the wedding terms you need to know 

If you are upcoming bride and groom planning your wedding, you might get lost in all the wedding terms and terminology out there. There is a number of wedding terms you need to get familiar with, so you don’t get lost in all the articles and forums you are going to read. Some of the terms describe different wedding roles and wedding positions. Another group of wedding terms is about The Wedding Party – The Bridal Party, Groom’s Party, and other guests. Other describe the wedding ceremony process. We prepared this glossary of wedding terminology to make your planning easier.

wedding terms overview

Best Man

This person is selected by a groom and it is usually the closest friend or male he has. Very often it can also be Groom’s brother or other family member. The best man helps the groom be calm before the wedding, keeps him accompanied and often has his own best man speech during the dinner.

Bachelor Party

The party for the groom to celebrate his last days as a single man. Usually it is organized by the best man, or one of the closest groom’s friends. Involves alcohol and games, and other forms of entertainment. One of the most popular locations for a bachelor party in the USA is Las Vegas or Austin.

Bachelorette Party

This party is for the bride to celebrate her last days as a single woman. It is organized by Bride’s friends, most of the time one of her bridesmaids. And includes partying and alcohol. Recently, activities like wine tasting have become popular alternatives to groups which do not feel like partying much.

It has also been a trend to have destination bachelorette party. Flight tickets are the cheapest and most affordable they have ever been, and thanks to Airbnb, you can also get an affordable accommodation almost anywhere in the world. Bachelorette party in Mexico has definitely one of the most popular locations. 


Boutonniere is a flower decoration which men put on the left side of their suit or tuxedo. It is an optional accessory.


Traditional part of almost every single wedding. Bouquet is the flow which the bride carries. It is usually a very beautiful, original and large set of flowers. After the wedding ceremony, the bride tosses the bouquet to the audience of women, also known as bouquet toss.

bouquet wedding terms

Bouquet Toss

Bouquet Toss is a tradition where Bride throws her bouquet to a crowd of not married female wedding attendees after she says yes to her bridegroom. This tradition originally started in England. The tradition before bouquet toss was that women would actually try to rip off a piece of brides dress for good luck. In order to avoid her dress being ripped apart, the bride would toss the bouquet to the crowd and escape. This has now become a ceremonial tradition and the women who catches the bouquet is said to be the next one to get married. Bouquet Toss has been part of the wedding terms for many years. 

Bridal Party

Bridal party refers to a group of wedding attendees. It is a group invited by a bride, and they are bride’s closest people. Specifically, bridal party consists of maid of honor/matron of honor and bridesmaids. Bride and Groom have their own parties, grooms party is explained in separate section. 


Bride is a woman who is about to get married on her wedding. It can also be used as an expression to describe someone who just got married very recently. She is marrying a groom, originally called bridegroom. The bride has her own bridal party with bridesmaids. Sometimes both of the newlyweds can be called brides if we are talking about same-sex marriage. 


Bridegroom is just another expression for Groom – the person the bride is marrying. Check the Groom section for more information


The group of friends from the bride’s side, who are her closest friends and stand by her side during the wedding ceremony. Usually it includes family members like a sister and other closests friends.


This is a small finger food served during cocktail hour. Usually includes a piece of bread or pastry, covered with something savoury. You can hold it with your hand and just eat it in one bite.

Cathedral Veil

This is a very specific and long Veil which is commonly longer than the wedding dress. It is around 120 inches long. This is the most prominent veil type you can choose, everyone will notice if that is your goal.

Cocktail Hour

The time between the ceremony and dinner is called cocktail hour. It lasts about 1 to 2 hours and during this time cocktails and finger food is served. Most of the time the venue provides some kind of bar tables around the place so guests can put their drinks down. It is also a good time to take some pictures or use a photobooth if there is one available.

Corpse Bride Vows

Very famous vows used in Tim Burton’s movie Corpse Bride. The movie and wedding vows got so popular, that some people try to imitate the wedding style and incorporate corpse bride vows into their own wedding


Corsage is a flower decoration sometimes used by a bride. Usually it is a set of flowers tied around the bride’s wrist or attached to her wedding dress. It can also be just one single flower. A Corsage is an optional accessory to Bride’s wedding appearance.

Day of Planner

The person responsible for making sure that your wedding day flows smoothly and everything is on time. And if there is a problem, they make sure nobody finds out about it and they fix it. Most venues can provide this person for you, but you can bring your own as well.

Destination Wedding terms

This is a wedding which is happening in a different location than where the couple and closest family lives. It can be a different city, but also a different country. It is very popular recently, since more and more couples are focused on travelling rather than on traditions and weddings in churches. One of the most popular locations for American couples is Mexico – usually Cabo or Cancun. The wedding is usually happening in an exotic place with warm weather.

Dress Code

Dress Code explains what kind of attire should the guests choose for the wedding. Historically the wedding attire was very formal. However with an increased number of destination weddings and also beach weddings, the couples are more and more deciding on lenient dress code and do not insist on formal attire. Dress code should be mentioned either on the wedding invitations or the wedding website, so the guests can get prepared properly and choose the correct clothes. It is one of the most common wedding terms used, and is mentioned on every invitation. 

Engagement party

Engagement parties are very rare nowadays. But some couples still do it, especially if it is in a family tradition. The party happens up to 2 months after the engagement and it is to celebrate the newly engaged couple. In some cases the party can happen on the night of the engagement and it can be a big surprise for the future bride.

Escort Card

Escort card is one of the wedding terms used in connection to the seating plan. It has the name of the guest, and possibly 2 names if the guests are a couple, and number or letter of a table they are seated at during the dinner. The cards are placed somewhere in front of the dining area and can be picked up by guests during the cocktail hour.


This one doesn’t need much explanation. It is a term used for someone who is engaged to get married. In this case it is the future groom and bride before they are officially husband and wife.

First Dance

Some time after the dinner, it is time to party and dance. But before everyone is invited to the dance floor, it is time to the newlyweds first dance as a married couple. The couple usually choose their favorite song, a song they wish to dance together to. This is one of the most romantic parts of the wedding night .

Flower Girl

After the bridesmaids and groomsmen and groom make it to the altar, it is time for the bride. But before it’s her turn, a child (children) walks down the aisle and scatter flowers on the floor. Usually it is a girl, that’s why the term flower girl. However it has been pretty common recently that this is a boy, or a boy and a girl. Usually this child is a family member, or actual child of the groom and the bride.

Full Bar/Open Bar

Open bar means that all alcohol is paid for by the newlyweds and the guests can order any amount of alcohol they want. Most of the times there are restrictions to the selection of wine or hard liquor. 

Groom – BrideGroom

Groom, or also known as BrideGroom is a person the bride is marrying. He is the male newlywed, the husband to be. There can be 0 brides and 2 grooms, or 2 brides and no grooms if we are talking about a same-sex marriage. Groom is usually accompanied by the groom’s party – his best man and groomsmen. Traditionally he wears a black suite, but recently a lot of Grooms go for non-traditional wedding attire with their Bride’s permission. 

Groom’s party (BrideGroom’s party)

Groom’s or BrideGroom’s party are the wedding attendees invited by the groom and the closest to the groom throughout the wedding – The Best Man, and the Groomsmen. The Best Man is Groom’s closest friend, the male version of Bridesmaid. BrideGroom’s party is to the groom what the Braidal party is to the bride. 

Guest list

Each couple creates a list of guests they are planning to invite. The length of the list depends on the budget of the wedding. It can be anything from 10 to 300 people. Anything over 100 is considered a large wedding. Most of the time, the lists consists of:

  1. Members of Bride’s family
  2. Members of Groom’s family
  3. Friends
  4. Co-workers

It is up to the couple to decide what is the optimal number of guests and who to invite. Definitely one of the wedding terms about which the couples have lengthy discussions and sometimes arguments as well. One of the most imporant organizational wedding terms, closely connected to seating plan. 

Head Table

The bride and the groom have a prominent place at the dinner/reception. They are sitting at a table which is usually in the middle, so everyone can see them. The term for this table is the Head Table. Sometimes the bridesmaids and groomsmen also sit at the same table with the newlyweds.


It is a tradition that the newlywed couple goes for a vacation after the wedding, to enjoy some privacy and intimacy. This vacation is called honeymoon. Based on the financial situation of the couple, they choose the destination, take time off work and enjoy themselves. Even employers are counting on the fact that after the wedding, their employee will take around 2 weeks vacation.

In-house catering

Depending on the wedding venue, they can let you know that you can only have food and drinks served by one caterer that they work with. So you need to order the catering in-house, no 3rd party vendor can participate.

Intimate Wedding 

This expression is used to describe a small wedding with only a few guests, usually just the closest family and friends. Intimate wedding can be 10 or 20 guests, but anything below 100 considered is really considered a small wedding. 

Maid of Honour

Maid of Honour is the closest friend of the bride. It is similar to what the best man is to the groom. She helps organize the bachelorette party. She is also an emotional support during the wedding, spending most of the wedding with the bride making sure she is ready for her big day.

Matron of Honour

The term Matron of Honour is not used too often. But if you ever hear it, it means that the maid of honour herself is actually married.


The term stands for a bouquet of nice blooming flowers. In the past in the 14th century, the flowers were used to cover bad smells and odors. That is why the term is nosegay. Nosegay is one of the rarely used wedding terms. 


Officiant is the person who actually does the ceremony itself. He reads from the bible, or just from a notebook, and he is asking the couple all the important questions. Officiants need to have some kind of paperwork in order for the marriage to be officially accepted. This paperwork requirement varies by state and by country.

Page Boy

Page boy is a child who always walks behind the bride and is carrying her train down the aisle so she doesn’t step on it. Usually this child is a boy, but it can be a girl as well.

Place card

Place card is actually placed at the dinner table, at the spot where each guest should take their seat. This is used to make sure couples sit next to each other, and other organization reasons. It can also help with food delivery, since these cards sometimes have food selection printed on them, so the waiters can easily spot where to serve which food.


Another kind of flower bouquet. This one is of a smaller size and can be carried by hand.


A song or multiple songs playing in the background while guests are being seated before the wedding ceremony. The goal is to set a good festive mood and create excitement before the grooms and brides arrivals.


The act of bridesmaids and other bridal party members walking the aisle towards the altar. The processions grand end is the arrival of the bride


Music playing during procession – the event which leads to the bride walking the aisle.


The music selection after the ceremony is over and the groom kisses the bride – their first kiss as newly weds.

Response Card

RSVP for the wedding which was sent together with the invitation to all the guests. Guests are expected to fill the card in and send it back in the envelope provided. It is very important that all the quests fill in the response card, so the couple can start planning.

Ring Bearer

Ring bearer is a person (or a dog), who carries the rings down the aisle during the wedding ceremony. He then gives the rings to the officiant or directly to the couple. Often it is a young child, but it can also be the best man, or the couple’s dog.

RSVP meaning

Originally from french expression ‘répondez s’il vous plaît’. It translates to ‘Please Respond’. Guests are asked to RSVP to the wedding invitations, most commonly using Response cards provided.

Save The Date

Before the official wedding invitations are sent, some couples elect to send Save The Date cards to invited guests. This is just for the guests to make sure they mark the wedding date in their calendars. No RSVP needed at this point.

Seating Plan

If you have a large wedding and a dinner with many tables, you definitely need a seating plan. It is a plan of all the tables and where is who going to sit. Depending on the number of your guests, it can take you a long time to actually come up with a seating plan, so don’t leave this at the last minute. One of the most important organizational wedding terms, make sure you get your seating plan ready as soon as possible. 


A type of dress code which can be on the wedding invite. Semi-formal means that it is an outfit which is more dressier than your everyday jeans and shirt combination, however not as dressy as black-tie event.

Signature cocktail

The newlyweds can decide to offer a signature cocktail with a meaningful name at the bar. This cocktail could be something that both of them like to drink and is specific for their relationship – like the first drink they had together. And also it can have a funny/interesting name, like the name of their dog, or something else with hidden meaning.

Train as a wedding term

Trail is part of the bride’s wedding dress which is “trailing” behind her. If the bride has a long train, usually it is carried by the page boy on the bride’s way to the altar. Be careful with the train, since it can cause a few mishaps and funny situations


Tulle is a very fine and fluffy material used in veils or sometimes in wedding gowns too. Tulle adds extra fluffiness, so everything looks like from a fairy tale.


One of the most formal men’s attires. If the wedding is black tie, the guests are expected to wear a tuxedo with bow tie.


During the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds are asked to make a promise to each other. They can either write their own vows, or use one of the vows prepared by the officiants. Traditionally, the newlyweds promise to stay together and love each other no matter what, and have each other’s backs

Wedding Gift Registry

Most guests like to buy the newlywed couple a gift, or do a cash donation. In order to make sure that the gift is something the couple actually wants, they can create a wedding registry. Most of the big online stores have one, for example Amazon Wedding Registry or Macy’s Wedding Registry. The Couple can select the gifts they want, and every time someone buys a gift, it will show on the registry as “already purchased”. This also avoids multiple people buying the same gift. Wedding Gift registry and other connected wedding terms are getting more popular with the raise of e-commerce.

Wedding Party

Wedding party are all the guests of the wedding. They come to the wedding venue to witness the union of the bride and groom (bridegroom), the future newlyweds. The Wedding party consists of the Bridal and Groom parties, and of all the additional guests which are the friends and family of the bride and the groom. 

Wedding Website

With the internet being a part of everyone’s life, couples are now creating websites specifically for their wedding. These websites usually have the basic information about the wedding like location, time and link to the wedding gift registry. If the wedding is a destination wedding, the website also has the recommendations for accomodation in case everyone is responsible for booking their own.

Wishing Well

Wishing well is a box that the guests can use to give money to the newlyweds, instead of physical presents. Cash is a very common gift request. However with online payments and wedding registries being so popular now, wishing well is one of the wedding terms not used anymore, unless we are talking about very traditional wedding.