About Us

TheWeddingPost.Net is created by wedding registry professionals Mark and Natalie, with 25 combined years of experience as wedding registry experts working directly with customers in retail environment. 

With the spread of Coronavirus all over the world, many retail stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s had to close all the locations, and Mark and Natalie found themselves furloughed for unknown time. That’s when the idea of creating a website specifically focused on Wedding Registry reviews came to their minds. 

“We worked and literally lived in the industry for many years, and suddenly there were no customers we could help”, Mark said about the beginnings of this idea. After some initial research, they discovered that even though there are many sites in the Wedding industry, none of them really focuses on giving specific Wedding Registry advice. 

As Natalie says: “We decided to fill in that space. After we have been both let go due to the Coronavirus, we both needed a goal, a new project, and so TheWeddingPost.net was created. We aim to grow this site to be the main source of wedding registry advice all over USA. There are still many things we need to do and a lot of work ahead of us. But we are ready to tackle it”